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Burma Domestic flights

Burma/Myanmar Flights : Online flight reservation in Myanmar/Burma, air ticket, fare, book flight schedule. Myanmar: How to buy tickets for domestic flights in Myanmar? The Yangon International Airport offers domestic flights within Myanmar. One of the most popular and busy domestic routes are: It is the leading national and international airline on this route.

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Purchase of Myanmar domestic airline passes. Myanmar currently has four airlines that are used by tourism. Fifth Myanmar Airlines (unlike MAI-Myanmar International ) is not advised and agents will not book for you wherever possible. None of them currently have an online reservation system and some of them are still handwritten.

Several of them also have a web reservation system that allows you to book your reservation by e-mail for pickup and pay upon your return to Myanmar. The best way by far is to book your seats through a resident agent, there are many suggested in these boards. Costs are no more than the value of the voucher, sometimes a few dollars less, but the big benefit is that if there are changes in date or timing, the agent can get in touch with you and inform you of the changes.

While many travelers have used it successfully, there have been occasional stories about Thorntree that there have been tourist emergencies and the company had no reservation and had to buy a new one. There were not too many years ago only a few foreign carriers that flew to Yangon - now the pages are full of flights and flights.

GMA's first domestic flight planned

Golden Myanmar Airlines, the new low-cost company, is scheduled to take off this weekend after a test run between Yangon and Mandalay, an officer said. On January 11, the company flown the Yangon-Mandalay-Yangon line to receive its AOC ( "Airoperator Certificate ") and is expecting to make its first paid passenger service on January 17, said U Win Kyaw Moe, the airline's Deputy General Managers.

Tariffs on the line will already be available from K27,000 per line, the company says, although not all places will be available at this rate, which is less than a third of the rate charged by current carriers. "However, we will be managing our airfare in a way that keeps it low.... I can definitely say that airfare will be lower than other domestic airlines," said U Win Kyaw Moe.

Whereas Myanmar has five domestic privately-owned carriers, all calculate substantially the same fare. Yangon-Mandalay prices are 80,000 K for local residents and 130 US$ for non-residents. The Golden Myanmar Airways flies the Yangon-Mandalay service nine weekly with an Airbus 180-seat Airbus 320 in economic category. It is also planning to offer services from Yangon to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand from March, said U Khin Maung Aye last weeks Chair.

A joint-stock corporation founded in August, the carrier will also begin to sell stock to the general public on January 14, said U Khin Maung Aye. CB Bank CEO and founders of Kaytumadi Co, Ltd and Kaung Myanmar Aung Group of Companies is one of 15 large shareholders along with U Thein Tun of Myanmar Golden Star.

"We not only want everyone to travel cheap, we also want everyone to have the opportunity to participate in this business," said U Khin Maung Aye. In order to keep fares low, air travelers are billed for some free of charge service provided by most carriers, such as groceries. However, the most costly dish on Golden Myanmar Airways will be 3400 K, the company says.

Passenger will also be billed for luggage over the 10 kg mark.

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