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Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Heho, Inle Lake, Naypyidaw Myanmar Airways International: Myanmar is considered a low-income country in Southeast Asia. View on the faith in Myanmar. National environmental laws and regulations. No, Myanmar has several domestic airlines that usually fly the same route and time.

Inland travel is expanding more rapidly than stays abroad

The domestic tourist industry is growing. From August 2016 to April 2017, Myanmar registered approximately 7.1 million domestic travelers, according to U Myoe Gyi, deputy chair of the Domestic Pilgrimages and Tour Operators Association. Talking to the Myanmar Times, he said that his association's stats showed that this number represented a leap of about 1 million compared to prior years.

Said that the domestic travel time is slightly different from the high tourist seasons in Myanmar, which last from August to April. Myoe Gyi said that since the Myanmar policy transitional in 2011-12 there has been a strong increase in the number of tourists from 3.1 million to 7.1 million in 2016-17.

The number of passengers is near the estimated 7.5 million in 2020 as a consequence of the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism's Travel Mastersplan. Regarding the change of attitude of those traveling to domestic preferred staying in a hotel rather than in convents and inns," said Gyi Myoe United.

Myanmar travelers used to live in convents. The pilgrims made a route on the basis of monastic residencies, and the all-inclusive rate was very low in comparison to the hotel. New Motion Travel and Tours CEO Htike Lun Maung said: "There were many pilgrims who were cooking food and organizing accommodation in convents.

"Their number is greater than those who have already booked accommodation," he said. The domestic tourist industry is a small and medium-sized enterprise and it is simple to generate an incomes. Therefore, he said, many are interested in this kind of work and now there are more than 650 local pilgrim tour companies in the state.

In the Yangon area alone there are 615 pilgrims, 315 of whom are members of the Domestic Plgrimage and Tour operators Association. In the absence of the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism the Domestic Plgrimage and Tour operators Association has computed the number of domestic passengers annually by gathering the numbers from the check points in the most visited city.

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