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Burma Dollar Notes

Burma remains obsessed with crisp, clean dollar bills. It was confusing to find all the information about the need to bring "perfect" dollar bills to Myanmar, so here is my experience. "[Moneychangers] only want crisp dollar bills. The exchange rates are better for larger denominations than for smaller ones. U.

S. dollar bills brought to Myanmar must be in perfect condition.

What makes it important to get crunchy US dollar to Myanmar?

What makes it important to get crunchy US dollar to Myanmar? Yes, you need crunchy, crease-free US dollar bills in excellent shape before you visit Myanmar. Of course you can have your Visa or Mastercard as a back-up, but payment in advance is widespread and very popular in Myanmar.

Whilst most overseas currency exchange machines are not very special with the state of your US dollar bills (as long as they are not counterfeit), most Myanmar currency exchange machines need US dollar bills in clear, impeccable state. Issues with the exchange of US dollar, which are in unfair to bad circumstances, are a very frequent issue for many Myanmar travelers.

When your US dollar bill is pleated, colored, wrinkled or ripped, it is most likely denied by the vast majority of coin change machines in the state. Unless declined, there is a great chance that you will get a very low currency quote for your damaged dollar bill. The smallest wrinkle or spot can make it unfeasible to change your US dollar bills.

Keep your US dollar bills clean and unadulterated by keeping them in a shallow file or wrapper - never in your purse. That is one of the main reasons why we ask our customers to have their US dollar bills in good order before they visit the state. Our aim is to ensure that our customers are not faced with the same problems so that they can go shopping, eating and exploring Myanmar in the greatest possible comfort.

A further important thing to consider when converting US dollar bills to Myanmar Khat is the introduction of US dollar bills in larger denominations. 2. Collect $50 and $100 bills and make sure they are crunchy and in excellent shape. Larger denomination amounts generally receive much better currency conversions in Burma's currency-exchangers.

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