Myanmar Division Map

Burma Division Map

Map Book (Myanmar version). Oberburma, geographical and historical division of Burma (Myanmar), related to the central and northern part of the country. Population Division, Economic and Social Affairs. Military Regional Command (RMC), Badges, States & Divisions, Headquarters, Strength. The Ayeyarwady Division maps, photos and images from Google.

Site plans - Ayeyarwady Region (Ayeyarwady Division), Myanmar

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Picture: Legaing Division in North West Myanmar

Copernicus Sentinel-1A will take us across part of the Sagaing Division in northwestern Myanmar and along the Indian-Boarder. The picture shows the Chindwin River meandering through its shores at a time of heavy floods in 2015. The picture was taken with Sentinel-1 radar: one before the flood on 20 March 2015 and the other during the meeting on 4 September 2015.

The system provides fast and easy retrieval of information from satellites to assist civil protection agencies in the case of a catastrophe caused by nature or man. Sentinel-1' s speed camera capability to'see' through cloud, rain and dark makes it particularly useful for floodwatching. While the new Sentinel 1A spacecraft is not yet in operation, it provides radars for flood cartography in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Sentinel 1 readings before and after the April 1, 2017 landslide in Mocoa, Colombia, show the scale of the catastrophe, which caused more than 260 deaths, wounded more than a hundred more people and driven many people away. A part of the Swiss Alps is shown in this sentinel 1A picture from September 11, 2015.

Sendinel-2A is taking over part of Botswana's Central District in this false-color picture taken on March 22, 2016. An ice mountain four miles long has been recorded on film by a scientific research unit that is detached from a large ice in East Greenland, an incident that points to one of the causes of the rising of the world's oceans.

How does the world' s temperature affect the rate of degradation? In recent years, geo-scientists have been fascinated by a possible correlation between the rate of earth's degradation and changes in the world' s climat.

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