Myanmar Districts

Burma Districts

Names and p- codes of states/divisions, districts and townships were provided by. Myanmar Gold District Geological Settings. Galery, districts, places of interest, shopping, food & restaurants. For a list of districts in Myanmar (Burma) country with latitude and longitude, click on the city name for more details. Average monthly temperature (in Cº) in the districts of Tak province on the border with Myanmar.

Burma Districts

I gave Mandalay a new Mandalay database access control system as soon as Naypyidaw separated from Mandalay. I' ve now upgraded the Mandalay districts existing Mandalay districts database to reflect the level 2 cut-offs. If you compare the springs mentioned below with others, you come to the conclusion that Buthidaung is only a townhip in Maungdaw County.

Many thanks to Valentin Arzoumanian for the extraction of this information. This is an older listing of districts by divisions and federal states. Different partition names: Wellsprings:: 1 ] An introduction to the toponymy of Burma, a paper published by the Standing Committee on Geographical Labels for official UK use (retrieved 2009-12-19), discussed questions of name in Myanmar.

There is a shortlist of districts. 2] The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has produced a Digital Agricultural Atlas of the Union of Myanmar (accessed 2009-11-17). 3 ] Burma Second Order Administrative Divisions - 2003, ein Bericht des Permanent Committee on Geographical Names for British Official Use, (lien mort, abgerufen 2005-09-06).

They say: "Some government resources say there are 63[districts], but if you identify them from government cartographical resources, there are 64 in all. Additonal precinct seems to be one of the eleven in Shan State, although it's not obvious." But if the checklist in the Rakhine reports is cross-referenced with the source[2], the extra county would be Buthidaung in the state of Rakhine.

District lists in the source[1] correspond to this paper and are obviously a straight copy.

Downlaod list of districts of Burma (Myanmar)

Includes all districts of Burma (also known as Myanmar) within each state or region. Burma's states and regions are organized into 67 districts (Burmese: ????; Myanmar pronunciation: [k??jài?]). Districts are organized into cities, cities, stations and communities. State/ Region,Name of DistrictCentral Burma,Magway Region,Gangaw DistrictCentral Burma,Magway Region,Magway DistrictCentral Burma,Magway Region,Minbu DistrictCentral Burma,Magway Region,Pakokku DistrictCentral Burma,Magway Region,Thayet DistrictCentral Burma,Mandalay Region,Kyaukse DistrictCentral Burma,

Myingyan DistrictCentral Burma,Mandalay Region,Mandalay DistrictCentral Burma,Mandalay Region,Meiktila DistrictCentral Burma,Mandalay Region,Nyaung-U DistrictCentral Burma,Mandalay Region, Burma,Mandalay Region,Yamethin DistrictCentral Burma, Naypyidaw Union Territory,Naypyitaw CountyEast Burma,Kayah State,Bawlakhe Distr, EastEast Burma,Kayah State,Loikaw Distr, EastEast Burma,East Shan State, East Shan State,Mongsat District EastEast Burma,East Shan State,Mong Hpayak District EastEast Burma,East Shan State,Techilelk Distr, North Shan State,Kunlong StateEast, Kunlong County, Burma, Kyaukme CountyEast Burma,North Shan State,Laukkaing CountyEast Burma,North Shan State,Lashio CountyEast Burma,North Shan State,Muse CountyEast Burma,Muse CountyEast Burma,North Shan State,North Shan District,Hopang District (erstellt am Sept.

2011 )Ostburma,North Shan State,Metman Distr ictsEast Burma,North Shan State,Mongmit CountyEast Burma,South Shan State,Langkho CountyEast Burma,South Shan State,Loilen CountyEast Burma,South Shan State,Taunggyi DistrictLower Burma,Ayeyarwady Region,Hinthada DistrictLower Burma,Ayeyarwady Region,Labutta DistrictLower Burma,Ayeyarwady Region,Maubin DistrictLower Burma,Ayeyarwady Region,Maubin DistrictLower Burma, Ayeyarwady Region,Myaungmya DistrictLower Burma,Ayeyarwady Region,Pathein DistrictLower Burma,Ayeyarwady Region,Pyapon DistrictLower Burma,Ayeyarwady Region,Kyonpyaw DistrictLower Burma,Ayeyarwady Region, Burma,East Bago Region,Bago DistrictLower Burma,East Bago Region,Taungoo DistrictLower Burma,West Bago Ragion,Pyay DistrictLower Burma,West Bago Ragion,Thayarwady DistrictLower Burma,

North Yangon DistrictLower Burma,Yangon Region,South Yangon DistrictLower Burma,Yangon Region,Yangon Region,West Yangon DistrictNorth Burma,Kachin State, Myitkyina DistrictNorth Burma,Kachin State,Kachin DistrictNorth Burma,Sagaing Region,Hkamti DistrictNorth Burma,Kachin State,Putao DistrictNorth Burma,Sagaing Region, Sagaing Region,Kalay DistrictNorth Burma,Sagaing Region,Katha DistrictNorth Burma,Sagaing Region,Mawlaik DistrictNorth Burma,Sagaing Region,Monywa DistrictNorth Burma,Sagaing Region,Sagaing DistrictNorth Burma, County of Sagaing,Shwebo DistrictNorth Burma,Sagaing Region,Tamu DistrictSouth Burma,Kayin State,Hpa-an DistrictSouth Burma,Kayin State,Kawkareik DistrictSouth Burma,Kayin State,Myawaddy DistrictSouth Burma,

Myeik, Mawlamyine DistrictSouth Burma,Mon State,Thaton DistrictSouth Burma,Tanintharyi Region,Dawei DistrictSouth Burma,Tanintharyi Region,Kawthoung DistrictSouth Burma,Tanintharyi Region,Myeik DistrictWest Burma,Chin State,Falam DistrictWest Burma,Chin State,Falam DistrictWest Burma,Chin State, Rakhine State,Rakhine State,Kyaukpyu DistrictWest Burma,Rakhine State,Maungdaw DistrictWest Burma,Rakhine State,Sittwe DistrictWest Burma,Rakhine State,Thandwe District,,,, "For more information, please contact us:

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