Myanmar Dishes

Burma dishes

This cheerful greeting sounds in the bustling streets and shops of Myanmar. Burma has diverse and deep culinary traditions. If you want to enjoy Myanmar's food culture and traditional Burmese cuisine such as mohinga at a low price in Yangon or any other city, you are welcome to contact Indochina. Extensive and up-to-date information about regional specialities, tea houses, restaurants, vegetarian dishes and gastronomy in Myanmar.

Myanmar Customs and Cuisine

Burma has a rich and profound cuisine. Situated at the intersection of South and Southeast Asia, you will find the aromatic spice of some of India's curry cuisines alongside the sugary and aromatic flavours often associated with Thai cuisine. Throughout Myanmar, everyday foods can vary greatly according to ethnic origin, business situation and geographic location, but almost all will have at least one, if not two, foods containing travel every night.

In addition, you will find a wide range of pasta dishes that go well with pigs, chickens, seafood and vegetablescurrys. The trend is for meats to be more expensively used in small amounts and economically. Myanmar is also geographically varied, seasonally favourable and, of course, has rich land and sea habitats, so it offers a wide range of foods throughout the year.

Meals can be cooked in different ways, but the most commonly used is cooking meats or seafood in olive oils, spiced with crushed onions, cloves of garden onions, chilli, curcuma, ginger and herbs, and cooking until all or most of the waters have evaporated. Its most important and favourite ingredient is a kind of enjoyment of conserved seafood or prawns, with chilli powders.

Myanmar and other ethnical dishes are often complex and take many intricacies. Besides Myanmar curry, paddy and pasta, India's inhabitants are eating fast and inexpensive snacks of Samosan and Roma. In Myanmar, humans consume raw materials such as rices, which make up about 75 per cent of the nutrition.

Serve with meats or seafood, soups, salads and veggies, all prepared in their own way. At mealtimes, all dishes are placed on the dinner menu and shared so that guests can make their own decisions and make their own combination. The majority of our tasty and varied range of tasty snack foods are usually prepared with paddy as well.

Mohinga is the most favourite Myanmar meal, usually eaten at breakfasts or on specific events. Lapphet, or marinated tealeaves, with a shot of olive peel and a serving of lemon, grilled cloves and roast peanut, is another of Myanmar's favourite snacks. Picture credits: Eustaquio Santimano - initially published in Flickr with the title Myanmar / Burma Market.

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