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Burma Evening Dress

Discover Dee Dee Dee Dee Kyaw Myint's Board "Myanmar Dress (Elegant)" on Pinterest. See more ideas about traditional dresses, kebaya and kebayas. The Myo Min Soe said: "Dinner dresses are in unusual colours or white with lace. The Than Shwe and close helpers showed up at a state banquet in the Longyis of women. Have a look in our different dresses and choose the perfect dress for an unforgettable evening!

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Some of the top design people are sharing their thoughts about what a bride can look forward to in the upcoming bridal time. Myanmar's future chicks will be spoiled for choices when they have to pick the dress for that particular date - and the design team that can make that vision come through.

Pyae Soe Aung is one of the most famous designers when it comes to bridal attire. The majority of his creations are characterised by classical samples and cools colors. "I' m going to make about 30 bridal gowns for this year's new series. Most of the time I'll play with colors.

The majority of women select cheik[an elaborately crafted long or tamein hair with a nice and complicated wavy design in different color schemes and are almost always carried by the grooms and wedding guests in suitable colors]. All my clothes are therefore created with the help of chrome samples - large, middle and small size - and my new line blends all the different size of chrome samples.

A few are made in creeping plants - linear, horizontally and vertically," he said. Always making bride gowns in classical colors and occidental style, Mogok Pauk Pauk said his work this year is focusing more focus on the design of cheeky pattern. "It can' t violate classical civilization, so my clothes will be built on them.

I' m playing with multicolour for choik, but I use pretty basiccolour. I make different types of scarf samples, Yin Qhan (bodice) and Thee Nar (hem of Htamein) and use genuine Scheik-design. "I have designed my clothes so that they can be weared not only by those who belong to tradition, but also by the youngsters of today.

There' s traditionally west styled cheek that looks gracious. Then I' ll put floral designs on the scarves," he said. The designer Ma Pont (My Favourite) said that her line focuses on colors that look chilly and westerly. "I' m going to put laces and flowers in colour.

But I don't want to imitate ma whatin so I just am playing with colors and chilek lineages that are base on tradional culture," she said. Mandalay Myo Min Soe, who produces different kinds of scarves every weddingseason, said his line is royally styled this year.

"During a marriage ceremonies, the back of a chick is the most conspicuous, so I made scarfs with embroidered decorations. In the past years I have chosen bright greens, pale yellows and gold-colors. He said: "I don't like uncommon colors. May Pont said her schemes take into consideration the bride's complexion and height.

Now many of them are including a special funeral service, a monk meal offer, a cleaning service for the grooms and grooms, and dinner. Soe Aung Pyae designs nonchalant rather than stylish dinner outfits. "The first dress for the night comes from bridal gowns and the second is a designer dress.

The majority of them usually order colourful bridal robes. I' ve got to customize it. I usually make basic dinner attire. It'?d be better for the girl if the dress is cool and freestyle," he said.

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