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The fastest English-Myanmar dictionary on the Android market. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Myanmar Dictionary. Download free Myanmar English and English Myanmar dictionary for Android phone. You can download Essential Software for Myanmar Language, English To Myanmar Dictionary, Zawgyi To Myanmar Unicode. Burma definition: the official name of Burma, a country in Southeast Asia.

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You cannot always have a dictionary with you or open it. However, the dictionary will always be with you, as the telephone is your next mate. Our dictionary works in OFFLINE modus. You can take this dictionary anywhere on your phone if you don't have an Internet access.

  • Scrolling Index - allows you to search the whole dictionary. - The fastest English-Myanmar dictionary on the Internet. - Ideal for pros, undergraduates, graduates and anyone who needs a complete and engaging dictionary of the latest English at work or at home. The most complete English language cover wherever it is used.

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This is a light, stylish and simple to use bi-dir Myanmar dictionary and interpreter. What great things are there in the Myanmar dictionary? Transcribe the whole page from any languages to Myanmar. Over 20,000 Myanmar to words and phrases in use. Over 40,000 words and phrases from German to Myanmar. If no text is found, simply press "Search" and the translators will automatically compile for you.

It is fully Myanmar-English translators. Press "Search" after you have entered your long text to obtain a translation of it. Until six members of the families can use this application with activated sharing.

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This is the English-Burmese dictionary. Enter the words or phrases you wish to tick in the text field on the right. Not only do we offer English-Burmese language books, but also free on-line language books for all available language combinations. It is known as a translator's TM and is very useful for the translator.

You can see not only the meaning of the words, but also how they are phrased. Most of our memory comes from human-made bodies in tandem. This kind of translations are a very useful supplement to a dictionary. Please help us to create the biggest English-Burmese dictionary available on line. Just login and enter a new text.

This makes our dictionary Englisch Myanmar realistic, as it is written by mother -tongue translators who use languages for every workday. And you can be sure that any errors in the dictionary will be quickly corrected so that you can count on our work. There will be tens of millions of people who will be thankful.

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