Myanmar Dictatorship

The Myanmar dictatorship

Can you imagine living your whole life under a military dictatorship? Burmese people (a country also known as Myanmar) have long lived in this way. However, Burma should pay a high price for its dictatorial rule.

Long-lasting dictators of the world: Myanmar (Burma)

In 1992, Shwe was named Snr-General of the reigning army junt. But last November, Shwe reportedly relinquished his high office to former General Thein Sein, 66, although there is a top state councillor under Shwe's leadership over Sein. Burma had its first election in two decade-long years, condemned as fraud in the West, with military-backed nominees and troops gaining every top spot, all amid wide-spread electoral anomalies.

Recently Amnesty International described the violation of Myanmar's humanitarian law as "widespread and systematic". Senator John McCain paid a visit to Myanmar on Wednesday to evaluate democracy reform, and many analysts said it would not really be found. Burma Statistics: 53,999,804; Burman 68 per cent, Shan 9 per cent, Karen 7 per cent, Rakhine 4 per cent, Simplified Chinese 3 per cent, Hindi 2 per cent, Mon 2 per cent, other 5 per cent; median age is 27 per cent.

Army jungle; everyday life act on the basis of British commons laws.

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