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Canto by Metta ?? (Myanmar). The Dhamma Talks is an online audio player, so you need Internet access. Discussions / Books (Myanmar).

National GroupVideo Players & Editors. Shot entirely in Myanmar, Dhamma Dana delves deeply into the monastic tradition of the "Golden Land" and shows how Burmese Buddhists find inner freedom.

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Azusa, California, USA - Myanmar Progressive Buddhist Association

At Waso full-moonday in the year 109, near a pure black Mangobaums " Kandaka " in the town " Thawuhti ", Buddha rose to " Tavateinsa ", the residence of the angl. In the seven year after the attainment of Buddhahood, Lord Buddha passed the Vasak in "Tavateinsa" and taught the seven books of the "Abhidhamma" writings, all the way through the three month of the Vasak, 24 hours a day and nights at the same time.

As a tribute to Lord Buddha for his uninterrupted 3-month long repetition of the Abhidhamma writings; our Sangha (monks) will continuously chant the Patthana writings, 24 hours a day, for 8 nights from 10.04.09 to 10.11.09. Patthana is regarded as one of a kind. In acquiring omniscience, Lord Buddha looked at the 7 Abhidhamma books while seated on the "Yadanagara" plate.

It was only when He thought about the seventh tape, the Patthana, that a luminous atrium radiated from him, which expanded into the world. Thus, the force of the Patthana writings was that men believe that repeating the Patthana or listening to its repetition or sipping Patthana Blessing Waters will convey certain benedictions such as averting danger and ghosts, healing disease, achieving wealth or achievement, or being watched over by an angel.

Therefore, we warmly welcome you and your familiy to participate in this seldom continuous Patthana Scripture Chanting Ritual and to receive Patthana Weihwasser (talismans).

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