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For more information or if your query is not addressed here, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Asia Program Director. What size is Myanmar (Burma)? Burma has a continent of 657,740 square kilometers (253,6691 square meters) and 20,760 square kilometers (7,722 square meters) of naval domination. In Myanmar, what languages are used?

Myanmar's main foreign tongue is Burmese (known by the Myanmar government). Many other Burmese communities, such as the Mon, Shan, Pa-O, still speaking their own tongue, but English is also widely spoken. Will I need a visa to go to Myanmar?

You will need a current Myanmar Citizenship Card with a minimum of six month expiry date and a current entry permit. Myanmar Tourism Visas are available for stays of up to 28 nights. Travelers to Myanmar via Yangon International Airport can submit their visas on-line. It is intended for those who wish to obtain the visas directly from the Ministry of Immigration and Population (MOIP) at

Visas are sent on-line by MOIP to the tourist within 7 working day after filing the request. Travelers must obtain this form in order to show it with their passport at Yangon Airport. Where do I get to and around Myanmar? Myanmar is a restricted country and there are no scheduled services from North America.

It is Bangkok that has the most air travel to Burma. Therefore, Burma can be part of a Southeast Asian experience. Air travel between Burma's touristic destinations and other Burmese towns is usual with several private carriers operating the major national airlines in Myanmar, such as Air Bagan, Air Mandalay and Yangon Airways. Are Myanmar safe to travel?

Burma is very safer for visitors, even if they go walking alone on the road at day. What is the best holiday season? It is best to stay in Burma from November to February when the climate is moderate and chilly. For more information on what to see during your trip, please read our "Seasons and Climate" section.

Is it okay if I take the waters in Myanmar? Prevent the consumption of mains running out. There is a legal requirement for a restaurant to use bottle-make and sell icecream, so ordering icecream is usually secure, but you should be careful to keep your street stall cube-free. You should take either strained, cooked or filled waters. Myanmar cuisine is a mixture of Mandarin, Indian and Mon-influenced.

To drink a cup of coffee and enjoy a snack in the nearby teashops is another nice way to get to know Burma's culture: to watch the outdoors. Which vaccinations do I need to go to Burma? Please consult your health care provider for up-to-date information.

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