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Burma -Contact details of the Greek missions MYANMAR Greece's Bilateral Relations myanmar country information overview Print. Burma (MYA) Myanmar Basketball Association, contact details: The Myanmar Basketball Federation Shwe Than Lwin Co.Ltd. Well-known as Burma and Myanmar. Dutch information about travelling, living, working and doing business in Myanmar.

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For more than three decade-long isolation from the outside World, Myanmar (also called Burma) lies in Southeast Asia and borders China, Thailand, India, Laos and Bangladesh. One of the most enigmatic and unexplored travel sites in the whole wide globe, Burma has all the tradtional pleasures of Asia: jungle virginity, snow-capped hills, unspoilt shores and old town.

Myanmar's civilization is the product of strong Hindu influence interwoven with some of the traditional customs and influence of China, as evidenced by the various Stupa and Temple sites throughout the state.

Travel Information Myanmar / Burma Journey 2

Rendezvous at our diving store at 12.00 noon, where we have free to try out the gear before we reach our group. After that we go to the first diving site High Rock. When we get there in good timing, we can do a diving at nocturnal. 2nd day: 1 High Rock diving, one of the best macrospots.

You will find all the unique things like pipefish, pinapplefishes, frogfish, seahorses and many different kinds of nudibranches. Sailing 1 dives at Stewart Island. In the afternoons and nights at the " small " Tower Rock. Occasion to see grey reef sharks, nurse sharks and many small things like seahorses, frogfish, ghost pipefish and.....

We have 4 diving spots around Cave so we will be here all the time. We find a sandy spot before the overnight dives where we can get some sandy between our notches. occasion, grey reef sharks, nurse sharks (and they are big.....) and many small things like seahorses, frogfish, ghost pipefish and.....

Scenic 6th day: From 400 meters of waters you have Burma Banks (Roe Bank, Heckford Bank, Corel Bank and Silvertip Bank). Possibility to see manta rays, eagle rays, whale sharks, grey reef sharks, nurse sharks, silvertip sharks and cetaceans where we get a new sight. When we can't go to Burma Banks because of the poor wheather, we go to Princep and Tower Rock instead.

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