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The best beach destinations in Myanmar to visit (Ngapali & Ngwe Saung) Why you should explore the pristine islands of the Mergui Archipelago. In the first place everyone who travels through Myanmar should stop in Bagan. Fancy a week-long Myanmar tour? Burma Honeymoon Destinations and itinerary. Myanmar is a mysterious country that has always attracted people with a sense of adventure and a longing for the unknown.

Myanmar, Myanmar Destinations

Myanmar is for those who enjoy the outdoors and travelling. The programme includes Yangon, Bagan, Lake Inle and the exceptional Golden Rocks as well as wildlife areas such as Mawlamyaing and Hpa-An. Myanmar awaits you with all the right materials. Old monasteries, concealed remains, anti-static craftsmanship, peaceful countryside and even tribesmen will undertake innumerable activities.....

Myanmar, what a new holiday place for families! There are three major destinations in Myanmar: Yangon, Inle Lake and Bagan, the children know the nature of the earth, the cultural diversity and..... With four internal services that cover all major destinations in Myanmar, a one-of-a-kind adventure is assured.

The Great Bagan will present antiquity with fabulous tales, while Mandalay is a window to the art and culture of the royal age. This is a trip we specialize in for those who want to explore Myanmar to get a real "best" itinerary. Begin the trip from Yangon - the former capitol, then elegantly and quietly Inle Lake and Kalaw.

From here Mandalay and Bagan await you with many stories, old..... Trip to Myanmar and see the centre of the land, then head eastwards and westwards. Cycle in Bago and you will be thrilled by Bagan's innumerable stories. From Mandalay a boat trip on the Mandalay will take your breath away with great vistas and an imagery.

The programme highlights Eastern and Centrally Myanmar, offering exciting experiences with great vistas and imaginative panoramas. Many stories, ancient remnants and iconic buildings show how unbelievable the nation's people are. You will be amazed by the arts and crafts in Bagan and Mandalay..... Burma is the home of artists, craftsmen, ancient monuments, pagodas, temples and more.

Visit the most important place of worship for Myanmar Buddhists, which is an exceptional place for tourists. Then you will find the true Myanmar tribe and its mythical tales with..... It is a great programme featuring almost all of Myanmar's major tourist sites not to be missed. Here are some of them. You' ll be familiar with the true way of living of the Myanmar tribe and its wealthy civilization, as well as a wealth of history and legends.

Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay..... When you want to inspire respect while travelling, interfere in the cultural scene of the state. It will show you the true way of living of the Myanmar tribe and the wealth y cultural heritage throughout the state. You will be thrilled by many stories and legends.....

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