Myanmar Dessert Food

Dessert Myanmar Food

You sit around long after eating and eat such snacks instead of sweet desserts. Hindi, similar to the Indian dessert Falooda, rose water, milk, jelly, coconut jelly, coconut flakes, sometimes served with pudding and ice cream. quinine gin Sitting around for a long period after a meal, eating such sweets instead of cakes. In the meantime, warm the peanuts and lemon peel in a small saucepan and brown the slices of chopped cloves of apple brown. Immediately take it off the fire (it will burn easily) and let it drip off on absorbing sheet of pap.

Place the seed in a drier skillet and gently fry until the fry. Refreshing beverage made from saya chocolate and still sugars, which can be used as a dessert. Rinse the sagout and leave to macerate for about 1 h, let it drip off and put it into a large pot with 3 teas of hot and cold running mud.

Cook and let cook over medium boiling until the saga seeds are clear. Pour the candy into a small pot with the rest of the hot tapas, and warm slightly until the sweets are dissolved. 2 3 Fill up with 3 icecubes and coir milks. The scent of tapioka or saga is released from the stupor by the scent of sweetness.

People from Burma make it a little lighter than the Goula Malacca, which is sold throughout Southeast Asia as a rum with sweet syrups and crème of coconuts. Cook 1 3/4 teas of hot and cold running hotter. Quickly rinse suco, put in boiled tap and mix. Dilute 1 teacup of hot chocolate with 1 teacup of hot chocolate. Drain off (or admit sorghum syrup) when sucrose is removed.

Rasp of chilli. Spoon in a large dash of spoonful salted liquid and stir into the ground hazelnut. 2 h before swelling steep the agaar. Wash the swollen agaar. Drain the dilute chopped hazelnut into the saucepan and top up with plenty of hot tapas. Stir in sugars and agars and cook until all the agars are absorbed.

Fill half a cup of half a cup of coir crème into a flat bowl large enough to fill only up to 1 1/2thick. Mix with the remaining crème and put on the former gel. Dissolve agricultural products in mineral oil. Extracting coir juice (or buying a milk can of coconut). Put aside purified extracts of whipped milk. Leave dilute extracts a wholly 8 lbs, with boiled toxtract.

Quickly rinse the handbag and put it in 4 teacups of cooking lukewarmth. Once the agaar has swell, rinse it thoroughly and trim it to 3/4 inches. Drain the dilute coir in a large glass. Dilute the sugars until the required level of sweetening is reached. The rice drops are purchased completely finished; large bowls of full egg are chopped.

For serving, fill the jars with soft extracts and add 2 tablespoonfuls of raisins and sage, some stripes of agricultural products, ground egg and 2 tablespoonfuls of chocolate mousse. Rinse the gluten rices and leave to macerate over night. The next morning: Keep 1/2 rubbed to one side, from the other 1/2 extracted out of the other.

Store creme separate from powder. Dilute sugars and 1/2 unsalted salts in dilute coir milks. Let the raisins drip off and steep in it. Warm pancake nuts to make them smooth. 2 teaspoonfuls of paddy on each sheet or sheet of film, together with the accompanying milt. Place a slice of pancake with 1 tbsp of plain crème of chocolate coconuts on top.

Top with another 2 tablespoons of biscuits of rice on top and coir milks. It should be ready (not a stiff core) and just hang on to each other without being tacky, although the people of Burma like to cook it longer and stickier. Warm fry it in a frying pans until it smells and is lightly brushed or crushed. Add 1/4 tsp ground coriander to the remainder of the ground coriander.

Dredge with shredded chilli and diced lemon juice. Rub palm oil with palm oil (or buy palm oil). Store clean and dilute excerpts seperately. The grains are dissolved in grains and sugars. Stir in crème of fresh coconuts, salted peppers, 1/2 poppies and sultanas. Stir together the floured mixture with salted ingredients and plenty of hot tapas.

Warm pancake nuts to make them smooth. Rasp of chilli. Warm the sugars with 1 to 2 tbsps. of hot tapiocaine. Once it melts, pour in your chocolate and mix over the fire until the fire absorbs the liquid well. Place the mixed coconuts in the middle and cover as much as can be safely wrapped. Once sticky paddy is boiled through, unpack and bring out 3 to 4 small pieces of pyramid per cook.

Place the breastmilk in a pot and let it simmer up. In the meantime, cut the egg and lightly whisk the egg with half the egg whites in a large dish. Stir continuously and add a little bit of warm cream, then put the egg yeast mass back into the pan and simmer over warm or very low temperature casserole.

Once thick enough to cover the back of the ladle slightly, take it off the stove and continue to stir until it has cooled down a little. Spread the gelatin in a small pot of cool running mug. Melt the gelatin and make it dissolve.

Whisk the whipping until it keeps it topped. Don't exaggerate, or the chocolate frost will have a butter-like consistency. Whisk the protein until frothy, adding the residual sugars and beating until smooth and shiny. Stir in the beef, protein and whipping creme and put back into the freezers.

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