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Burma Design Photo

The designer May Myat Warso has her own idea of what a Burmese dress should look like. Singapore & Myanmar Digital Strategy Consultancy. Awesome shots by the British photographer Dimitar Karanikolov. Image of the Myanmar national flag in grunge-style design stick photo, images and stick photography. The Myanmar National Prize in second place:

Myanmar design woman makes a name for herself in Jakarta

At Indonesian Fashion Week 2018 May Myat Warso will play with Nepalese tradition. May Myat Warso has her own vision of what a Myat Warso outfit is. At Indonesian Fashion Week 2018 from 28 March to 1 April in Jakarta, she showed clothes in the Shwe Chi Hto tradition.

Shwe Chi Hto is the old handicraft of Burma that was used to make tapestries. Will May Myat Warso presented 12 of her Shwe Chi Hto attire. With the motto "Traditionally Modernized Myanmar", her projects are an expanse of the country's natural and cultural wealth. Big compartments at the end of a stick and adorned with the design of a Myanmar woman accompany the girls on the runway.

They wore footwear that had been influenced by what men's Myanmar choreographers usually wears. Let Myat Warso put big needles on their head. Myat Warso was in Jakarta at the request of the chairman of Indonesian Fashion Week, Poppy Darsono. Yone Yone, another Myanmar based design artist, was with her. For five whole and twenty-five shows mix the best of the best of Italy, Turkey, Indonesia and Myanmar design.

"This is my second visit to Indonesia and I am really honored to be representing our country," said May Myat Warso. Their drafts were shown on the opening evening on 28 March. She designed all of them in silver with pictures, embroideries and jewellery. Applying her Shwe Chi Hto abilities to clothes turned out to be particularly hard.

This is not the first year that May Myat Warso's work has shone abroad. Myat Warso used to be very much Myanese, but her latest creation suggests a move towards a more Chinese look. But there was the burmesian flavor, the woman was wearing a big cocoon.

More than the Burmesian tradition Htai-Ma-Thein iongyi - Burmesian fashions preferred the silhouettes to their comforts. Myat Warso is one of the founding members of the Myanmar Designers Association, which was founded in 2010 with eight other members. Myat Warso began her carreer in 2007 with the opening of Happy Heart, a tailor that is still open and one of the favourites of Burma's TV stars.

In those days "fashion designer" didn't mean much.

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