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The Myanmar-Wortes im Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Myanmar Country Page - Protected Planet Myanmar Country Page. Are you looking for a definition of Myanmar? You will learn the definition of Myanmar. Myanmar in the Scrabble dictionary?

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Throughout the world, these methods use uniform metrics and available information to help us determine and categorize locations. Declarations themselves do not grant protection zone protection but many of the designated areas may partially or completely intersect with a land design. Significant international and multilateral treaties relating to biological diversity and the enviroment.


South-East Asia on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea..... Burma was a provincial area of British India from 1886 to 1937 and a distinct royal settlement from 1937 to 1948 when it achieved autonomy. In 1989 the land was formally re-named Myanmar.

Yangon (Rangoon) is the biggest town. n. Union of, Burma. Nomen1: Myanmar - a hilly country in Southeast Asia on the Bay of Bengal; "Myanmar grows a lot of opium",

Myanmar: Definition of a political prisoner in place

On 17 and 18 August, the Association for the Relief of Prison Politicians and the Society for Former Prison Politicians held a common workshop to define a working definition of a detainee politician. Fifty people attended the workshop, among them politicians and groups representing the rights of individuals, lawyers, former FIDH and the International Centre for Interim Justice.

Below is the definition that has been arranged by the participants of the workshop. Definition of a jailbird of conscience: Any person who, for his or her performed or known roles, for his or her performed or known supportive roles or in connection with any activity to promote liberty, fairness, equality, humanitarian law and citizens' and politicians' freedoms, civic and politics, inclusive of ethnical law, is apprehended, incarcerated or incarcerated on politics grounds, is considered a depolitic.

This definition refers to persons who, because of their observed or known roles, their observed or known supportive roles or in connection with policy activity (including military opposition but to the exclusion of terrorism ), are apprehended, incarcerated or incarcerated in the formation of organisations, both individual and collective, in official discourses in which they express, arrest or detain their convictions,

organising or launching movement by means of letter, publication or distribution of documentation or participation in non-violent demonstration in order to voice disagreements and denunciations against the image and activity of the Union's and States' authorities, whether lawmakers, legislators, judiciaries or other administrations, created under the Constitutional Treaty or any previous one. Aim of the workshop was to provide a uniform definition of what it means to be a policy inmate.

It is still important to define this statute as defined by the authorities. In the absence of this ratification, the continued vehemence of denial of the existance of imprisoned states. It is very important to endorse the debate on this definition in order to guarantee the Burmese peoples respect for fundamental freedoms and fundamental freedoms and respect for these.

It is strongly supportive of the formulation of this definition and the conviction that its establishment is the next major move towards genuine civic liberty and the acknowledgement of fundamental freedoms in Burma. The AAPP, FPPS and our fellow Members will remain committed to discussing this definition at parliamentarian levels and to officially recognising the presence of Burmese detainees.

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