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Condos, houses, villas and office space for rent in Yangon, Myanmar. MDL is a preferred real estate leasing agency in Yangon for corporate and diplomatic clients. Have a look at our other amazing offers, but remember to act quickly as they are only available for a limited time! See Myanmar Deals Leasing Agency location, turnover, industry and description. Yangon (Myanmar) offers.

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Myanmar's 7 Best Trips 2018/2019

Journey to Myanmar and explore a land of mythic scenery, old treasure and some of..... Burma is a land of profound and intriguing cultures. Burma (also known as Myanmar) is new to the world after five centuries of total isolation..... It is currently low seasons in Myanmar. The prizes are good, and Myanmar's rides are not overcrowded.

Considered a relatively new adventurer to the Myanmar mystery kingdom (also known as the.... Journey to Myanmar and explore a land of mythic scenery, old treasure and some of..... Maybe you don't immediately connect Myanmar (Burma) to biking, but we think that you.....

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MDL is a privileged Yangon based brokerage company for business and diplomats. Founded by a relationship between an multinational condominium company and a leading domestic condominium sales company with more than 20 years of experience, MDL has the best industrial and housing offers in Yangon and all of Myanmar to help you find an apartment or business in Yangon.

Take a look at our real estate offers in Yangon and let us know when we can show you a home, a flat or an agency in Yangon. You would like to rent a home or flat in Yangon or an offi ce in Myanmar? Do you own real estate in Myanmar and want to sell your real estate in order to find the right tenant and maximise your returns?

Burma Deals Lease works with lessors to help them plan and sell real estate, find the right tenant and help them find the best real estate for their needs. In Yangon, we are the sector leaders for large-scale, high-quality real estate leases. Learn how Myanmar Deals Lease can help you.

Made in Yangon, Myanmar, Moe Zaw was bred and brought up. Upon his return to Myanmar in 2011, Moe dived into Myanmar by working at the family-owned Myanmar Agencies and exploring the functioning of the emerging housing world. Myanmar has over 20 years of expertise in the prime housing industry, and Myanmar M&A is well respected in Myanmar.

Building on his vast experience in the markets, Moe took advantage of his expertise by establishing Myanmar Transactions Lease in 2012 to assist the most prestigious industrial and housing property security and letting organisations in the world. Soon after Myanmar was founded, Moe and Brett D. Miller, General Director of Scipio Services Co.

Now Myanmar Deals Leasing and Scipio Services provide both Myanmar's property owners and multinational organisations with a full range of services for representing, renting and managing prime real estate in Myanmar.

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