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Dawei Video

Astonishing working trip to Dawei and Maungmagan in Myanmar. Skip up ^ "Dawei Traditional Longyi Weaving Art inc. video".

Myanmars Dawei authorities are closing schools in the midst of the'avian flu' outbreak.

Dawei Municipality in the Tanintharyi district of south-eastern Myanmar ordered all school buildings to close for five more than 20,000 hens in the event of an epidemic of high-risk AI. These movements come one and a half nights after confirming testing on chicken slaughtered, confirming that several thousand killed the lethal H5N1 tribe of the" Falcon Flu" on ranches in Dawei, about 370 kilometres south-east of the trading capitol Yangon.

It was discovered on July 16 at a bird ranch in Wekyunhtainthit community, where it murdered more than 1,800 bird species, according to a Myanmar Eleven group. H5N1 in Dawei comes one full days after the Dawei administration said two Yangonese and one Myanmar NW state dead from HIV 1N1 "swine flu" and more than a decade others were infected.

Myanmar's Ministry of Sports and Public Health on Thursday acknowledged that the number of cases of HIV-1N1 has increased to more than 30 and that two more persons were killed by HIV-1N1 in Sanpya Hospitals, in the Thingangkuun Town Hall, in the Yangon County. One five-year-old female from Eastern Dagon parish dead on Wednesday and one 34-year-old male from Dagon Seikkan parish dead Thursday morning, public servants said heath.

"We' had three people who we think are infected with the disease and we have now verified that they are H1N1," said Aung San Min, Sanpya Hospital's Chief Integrator. Myanmar's Department of Public Hospitals asked the Paris-based World Heath Organization, the United Nations Food and Drug Administration, on Thursday for help in combating the HIV epidemic and feared that the recent eruption would mainly affect the trade capitol of Yangon.

"We' ve asked the WHO for help', said Than Tun Aung, Assistant Director-General of the French Food and Drug Administration, in a press release. It has called on the general population to take precautions to avoid overcrowded places, often wash their hands and cover their mouths.

Once the eruption became known in the public eye, the people of Yangon wore surgery to mask their nose and mouth to prevent infection with the disease. Minister of Health Myint Htwe will meet on Sunday at Nursing University in Yangon on the nationwide side of preventing and treating HIV1N1 flu with global health professionals and domestic and foreign doctors to draw up shortterm and long-term emergency response strategies, the Irrawaddy magazine said.

Since 2006, Myanmar has seen eight laps of the H5N1 antivirus and since 2009 has recorded 458 cases of the HIV since. The country's Department of Livestock and Veterinary Affairs and MoS.

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