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New Telenor web packages: SuBoo Data

Soon after the introduction of 4G, Telenor released a new set of data packets named Data SuBoo. This package replaces Telenor Data Parcel, which is no longer available since July 17, 2017. It is a small astonishment, as Telenor Data Parcel was introduced only five month ago.

package had a long lifespan and obviously did not meet the company's requirements. In February, Telenor started Data Parcel, the largest data packages in the UK with a monthly and monthly roll-over opt. Paung Kuu, a similar set of data packets, was a bit less expensive.

On his colourful packages MPT also started dancing with a Ph. It' s difficult to understand why Telenor decides to end Data Parcel, but the comparison of Parcel and SuBoo will definitely give us a clue. Firstly, the entire SuBoo related market is designed on the cost per megabyte.

Comparing these products clearly shows that SuBoo products are much cheaper than Parcel. When we say that, we find that the XL data packets are disappearing. Telenor's largest data package used to be 120GB, but now it's 14GB. Telenor seems to be returning from its policy of selling home data for home theatres.

4G for portable data and 4G for hard data. It is a big setback in a few months and we can also expect that the large data packets did not have the anticipated results or were not as lucrative as they were.

In order to fully comprehend this, it is important to state that the entire development of volume-based packets is predicated on one acceptance of use, i.e. how much the client consumes on averages. It' possible that the expectations behind Parcel's biggest parcels were too upbeat. Big packets are usually enabled by heavier people, who tend to take advantage of the full rate, no matter however high.

With SuBoo online, it's also interesting to see how it compares to Ooredoo Paung Kuu and MPT Colorful data packages. In this area SuBoo clearly gets Paung Kuu. A 2GB packet, well suited for sensible portable data use, is available for the same rate at Ooredoo and Telenor: 2,999Ks.

Inexpensive package - 800MB - has a lower price per megabytes than most Paung Kuu packets! It' so inexpensive to choose the 2GB package or the 6GB package. Prices do not fall progressively, so that the client has the possibility to gamble around the packaging and optimise it.

Back to Telenor, these new packs are well formed and will certainly delight most people. Data SuBoo will be a big frustration for those who used to depend on Data Parcel for home wideband. See if Telenor is developing a special portable data solution for their needs or concentrating solely on fibre for home high-bandwidth.

This new price environment is developing at a rapid pace as wireless carriers are adapting to each other and adapting their services to the needs of their customers. With offerings becoming more sophisticated and the portfolios becoming wealthier, rates will tend to stabilise as any changes need to be scrutinised thoroughly by the cellular network provider in order not to cannibalise its own portfolios.

Recently, wireless carriers have introduced to the market the mixed prices of which are tightly linked to those of all data including the pack.

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