Myanmar Dance Video

Burma Dance Video

The Myanmar dance, opera and drama shared the video by Myint Htun Naing. In Myanmar Martin Garrix premieres new song at AVA NYE: Getty Images' perfect stock photos of Traditional Myanmar Dance and editorial news images. There are all the different musical styles and dances of the different national races. The Dancing Elephant Festival is also another famous festival in Myanmar.

All the ladies hip-hop dance group Swaggers Company comes to Myanmar

The Swaggers in Yangon and Mandalay will give two shows at the Institut Fran├žais La French Touch Festival. It is directed by Marion Motin, a female choir member who has worked with Madonna, Stromae and Christine and the Queens. In the Middle " also conveys non-verbal significance to the public with lighting and other display.

Yangon Show will also feature an opening show by Myanmar Got Talent's and Myanmar Street Dance founders Jimmy Ko Ko Ko and Lucy Krobova, a modern dance artist from the South. Under the title "Nice to you" the two dancers combine their different influence. The LaFrance Touch Festival will cover the month of May and June and brings "the best of France's culture" to Myanmar.

In the Middle" at Yangon's National Theatre on Tuesday, May 23, at 8pm. The ticket costs 10,000 K for grown-ups and 5,000 under-16s. When in Mandalay, go to the National Theatre on Thursday 25 May at 7 pm. The price is 5,000 K for an adult and 3,000 K for a student or person under 16 years of age.

Myanmar music and dance: Thabin Zat Pwe Shwe Man

7:00 pm class and 8:00 pm show. Preceding the show is a free class at 7 pm. Shwe Man Thabin, one of Myanmar's most admired performers' troupe, celebrates his New York debut with an 18-person troupe of performers and performers. PERFORMSING ZAT PWE - the Burmesian tradition that unites musical, dance and theatre components into a singular vaudeville extravagance.

Zat Pwe is a strongly stylised shape that is usually played all evening. It' a favourite part of the town' s pagodas festivals with dancing, comedy, clowning and acrobatics, performed by a band of performers and gongs called Hsaing Wang. Percussive, melodically and dizzying quickly, Myanmar's score has its own almost masculine timbre, offering the audience an amusing teasing that contradicts the expectation of balance or constant time.

Accompanying the dance, the musicians are lavishly decorated with flowery headgear, necklaces, flower garland and long rose coloured dresses with shiny sutures. This dance, with exactly bent links, sometimes elegant and sometimes elegant and sometimes savagely acrobatical, mimics the movement of a puppet or can simply be just a slapstick.

Shwe Man Thabin troop offers a tempting insight into the inheritance of one of the most vivid and thrilling civilizations in the whole wide underworld. The members of Shwe Man Thabin are inheritors of an art line that spans the ages and yet is easily modern in its approaches; they are a vivid connection to Myanmar's wealthy past, which also ensures that this inheritance of courtly and folkloric tradition will be an integrated part of Myanmar's destiny.

It is a seldom insight into an exceptional type of artwork that is little known outside their home country. The Asian Cultural Council and the New York State Council on the Artworks, among others, make this programme possible.

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