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The exile media are free of the laws of censorship. Allies Forgotten was introduced in the Daily Mail today, check out the whole article by following this link! Myanmar is building security posts on burnt Rohingya land: Only sixty in the post-war years. Updated daily with the latest projects & documents.

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The Myanmar administration believes Daily Mail is trustworthy

The Myanmar administration has woven the Daily Mail's misreporting on the Rohingya Missile as evidence that all allegations of violations of Rohingya's humanitarian record are wrong. You know little about the use of the Daily Mail as a gauge of journalism standard internationally. They do not seem to know when the Daily Mail tried to fuel immigrant anxiety by extrapolating the opposite conclusions from their sources.

And there are a dozen occasions when the Daily Mail has said that the same dead bodies both cause and stop cancers. Alternatively, the period in which the Daily Mail was celebrating the detection of a "gay gene" as a reason for abortion. The Myanmar administration is unaware of the newspaper's failings and is now handling the Daily Mail as a reliable newspaper until it dares to criticise the Myanmar army.

The Daily Mail on Tuesday said that a tape representing the torturing of a small kid was evidence of violations of the Rohingya's humanitarian legacy by the Myanmar military, and then silently erased the tale when the reader pointed out that the tape was indeed from an notorious case of kid molestation in Cambodia.

The State Council's office, led by Aung San Suu Kyi, published a scolding on its Facebook page on Friday that condemns the Daily Mail's mistake and demands an Apology. It also denounced BBC, CNN, Channel News Asia and Al Jazeera coverage of their violations of human-rights law in the state of Rakhine, although none of these coverage has been almost unmasked in recent month.

Aung San Suu Kyi's bureau also said that John McKissick, the UNHCR agent in Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh, claimed that Myanmar's military is conducting racial cleansings against the Rohingya was "unreasonable". Myanmar's Global New Light of Myanmar, the government's English-language daily and voice, today published a front page article entitled "False daily mail the latest in misinformation".

It cites the Daily Mail's mistake "only the most recent example of imprecise reporting that has damaged the country's image". The Myanmar administration, Aung San Suu Kyi and much of the Myanmar community have long sought to delegitimise demands for Rohingya abuse by saying that there is an intergovernmental plot against Myanmar.

Now with the Daily Mail mistake, Myanmar's white launderers seem to believe they have all the evidence they need that the whole country is after Myanmar. Somebody should tell them about the Daily Mail's call before this not surprisingly debakul. Now, please relish this Daily Mail headlines engine.

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