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Myanmar's global new light. Yadanabon is a state-run daily newspaper. The Myanma Alinn Daily, Myanmar Newspaper. Download the Voice Daily WorldCup Special (June). In addition to the ePaper edition, it is also available for free download in PDF format.

After 50 years of state censorship, it's hard to set up a newspaper.

In many parts of the countryside there is a lack of well-developed streets to carry newspaper-laden truck. When Kyaw Min Swe spoke about the challenge of starting a daily newspaper, the current in the center of Rangoon, where The Voice is located, went out several time. "but we' re not sure yet. A lot of journalists said they were losing cash by introducing daily papers.

Myanmar Herald editor-in-chief Ant Khaung Min, who wants to leave daily, says that purchasing a newspaper printer would be more than $2 million, which is more than the one-year-old newspaper that runs from an appartment operating from. It is expected that a daily newspaper will be printed at 360 kyats or 42 cent.

However, Ant Khaung Min says that the kiosk cost must not exceed 300 kyats, or the mostly poor Myanmar will not be able to pay for it every single second. Anton Khaung Min does not expect a win until one year after the first start. "A year later most of us know about the paper and then we get a bunch of publicity," he said and spoke through a localizer, while journalists and writers work side by side a few meters away.

"Many papers will appear, but I expect that after a year there will still be five papers left", while others will suffer economic loss. During the first fight for survival, the papers have to recruit an armies of new reporters. However, the state has too few reporters, say reporters, as the only available media studies are following a ridiculous military-approved syllabus.

Burma's biggest newspaper, the 7 Day News Journal, Aye Mya Kyaw, said the newspaper questioned 100 individuals for its 45-day workout programme, found 10 skilled individuals and ended up with only seven completing the course. As there are few employment possibilities in the impoverished state, many come in "just to find a career and make money".

Anyone starting a career in daily papers is likely to see both the emergence of the size and its final downfall. However, this figure is likely to grow quickly as the economy opens up to attracting external investments.

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