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If a baby reminds of the horror of Rohingya every day. United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Myanmar Yanghee Lee. The Mizzima Today News from Myanmar Region Asia. The newspaper Mizzima quotes the Indian and English language. The Rohingya women report rape by the Myanmar armed forces.

Myanmar is getting to know the paper in the dark ages.

With Newsweek passing its printed version and celebrity US papers being offered for purchase to keep them up, the printed press in Myanmar, also known as Burma, is on the up. The former army june has for 50 years censored, making it virtually impractical for unrelated intelligence groups to release every day.

They are now struggling to transport all 12 of the 12 personal papers they sell to drivers in Yangon's increasing jam. Thung Su Nyein's dreams were not exactly what he had been expecting. 7 Day Newspaper and other Myanmar papers are now struggling to make it. Public opinion and the abilities of the journalist have not yet caught up with the rapid changes in an industrial sector in which the web and the corporate world are beginning.

Myanmar is a 55 million-population nation with a wealthy literacy population. In April, when the so-called everyday period began, Thaung Su Nyein and other writers were expecting the reader to switch from their weekly newspapers to their one. But like many things in Myanmar, the crossing is complex. "Many of the reader criticised our layout, the designs," said Thaung Su Nyein.

7Day was one of Yangon's best-selling papers, 7Dayews. "Fifty years the paper has had on its front page who the US Premier saw last night. I think folks are expecting a whole bunch more formal press coverage," Thaung Su Nyein said.

Removing a page from the state press, his paper now contains more goverment newscasts. At that time, even messages and photographs of Suu Kyi were outlawed. The 7Day newsletter was cancelled for two week, but the sale more than compensated for the lack. If you become a political man, you're on the headlines every day," Thaung Su Nyein said.

At his Eleven Media Group, which will have the biggest print run, he noted that the reader still prefers to buy the newspaper over the other. "Reading the weeklies, folks think they report all the messages. It'?s not good for the newspaper. Monthly rate is about 600 Kyat ($0.62).

It is 200k ('21) for the newspaper, so they are comparing it," said the head of Eleven Medias. Rather than letting Weekly Eleven News expire, the firm is even using its earnings to subsidise casualties to New Orleans. It' the same history in 7Day News and other news businesses.

The award of more than 30 licences for dailies makes for very tough day-to-day operations. As Thaung Su Nyein says, "Every day's newspaper publishers compete with their own and others' newspapers. The reader and the owner of the medium are not the only ones who adapt. In Myanmar for many years, reporters had only one week to deal with.

"They' re not used to covering daily," said Toe Zaw Latt, DVB's office manager in Yangon, formerly known as the Democratic Voice of Burma, an exiles group of the Burmese press who came back to Myanmar last year. It' a different tale for most Myanmar's major mass communication groups, where older text books and curricula are used by local school curricula and newsgroups are being compelled to educate new staff.

There is much more for these young reporters to study. Whilst the paper is a first, reporters have already been experimenting with another editing tool: the smart phone. "I' m preparing because I know that the digital environment is on-line and mobile," he said. Facebook's near-only Myanmar Internet presence has already prompted 7Day to resume broadcasting.

"It has become a kind of aggregate of contents, newsfeeds and not just so-so. share. It has become a really important forum, even for intelligence organisations like ours. We' ll take care of the Facebook portal first, the latest Facebook messages before we take care of our website. That', said Thaung Su Nyein.

He is already looking to the future by working with HTC as he finds out how to make his paper workable. As part of the deal, the smart phone vendor updates the 7Day News application header lines whenever a subscriber turns on the link. It is Eleven Media's intention to capture the Dutch television channel with news programmes, documentary, travel reports and talkshows.

Analysts are predicting that Myanmar will be the last Southeast Asian nation where the pressure will withstand. In spite of the growing appeal of the web and popular ity of the corporate world, Kyaw Min Swe also thinks the ubiquitous newspaper will not be a threat to people. Thaung Su Nyein feels that the shortage of digital competence is a major problem for both message users and production professionals, whether it be day-to-day messages or real-time on-line reports.

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