Myanmar Daily Movies Classic

The Myanmar Daily Movies Classic

The actor Nay Toe talks about the opening of his film studio "Story Book". Thoms Coffee takes the first step in Myanmar/ YangonLife. The Yuan Renminbi, not Myanmar Kyat, is the currency of daily use. There are a few things you may not know about the Robert Zemeckis classic. Explore the best of Myanmar with guided tours of the Irrawaddy River, Bagan, Ava and more.

Myanmar's got a lot of heat on rambos.

The Myanmar Militarily led Myanmar PD has forbidden sellers from buying the new Rambo movie about a Vietnam veterans fighter against the Junior Guards, but that hasn't kept them from buying it. John Rambo fights Myanmar to save trapped Christians with Sylvester Stallone, the sequel to the classic 80s movie series.

Portraying Myanmar's army as sadist and corrupt, the movie was opened in Singapore against the background of the junta's pursuit of the Karen minority.

Publication of the privately held sectors under censure limitations.

Sources/editors: Myanmar Consolidated Media Co. Sources/Editor: "The Myanmar Times" Description/Topic:LOCAL NEWS: ruling transmits hruttaw series; Yangon region yovt face 22b K household dark opening; Indonesian FM supports policy changes; Hot winters prediction despite La Niña returns; Myanmar does its part as populace exceeds seven billion; MMA to open daily center for senior in Tarmwe; factions form coalition; spokesman orders YCDC to raise play on waters; NLD awaits changed law:

Obama to participate in ASEAN summit - Digital Health app...BUSINESS & PROPERTY: Forex meter regulations strengthen subprime markets; IMF closes attendance; India exhibit to promote "acclimatization": Ambassadors; Government campaign on the motorway restricts transportation costs: merchants; transportation schedules date back 55 years, says former chief of police; back purchase from bank; man killed, wife wounded after the breakdown of Mingalar Taung Ny....TIMEOUT:

The Ayeyarwady River donates to 70 library; native musicans join the ASEAN-Russia Orchester; Yangon....SPORT...TECHNOLOGY...YOUR SEDULES...YOUR SINGULES. Reference: LAOCAL NEWS: Chairman of Socialist and Democratic Party of Germany (PSRD); Ethnically oriented magazine schedule for November; challenge for the bullish press industry; Prime Minister of Thailand Yingluck visits; Ambassador visits other locations of the projects; progress is encouraging:

Norvegian MEP FM; Myanmar companies in ASEAN chairs offer; farmland bill needs further changes: spokesman; Gove pushed to stop minimal grain prices; nuns to get nurse coaching in Yangon; Apple fans grieve creative wizard; Two men booted with wilderness trade; Japan to finance waters projects; Hluttaw announces support for peaceful protest bill; Shwedagon Pagoda anniversaries comdetails; tour guide unhappily at Unified

DMH ; Les vents du changement stimulent l'industrie du tourisme ; le Yay DMH ; Les vents du changement stimulent l'industrie du tourisme ; le Yay Gyaw Thadingyut festivals DMH ; Les vents du changement stimulent l'industrie du tourisme ; le Yay DMH ; Les vents du changement stimulent l'industrie du tourisme ; le Yay Gyaw Thadingyut festivals pour faire un retour ; l'hôtel gagne aux World Travel Awards ; la déclaration du président obtient le soutien des législateurs ; le sénateur américain McCain salue la décision du barrage ; MSF ferme les cliniques de migrants en Thaïlande pour " ingérence du gouvernement " ; Le 30 septembre, les adieux du fondateur de la société funéraire ; Yangwellship fête Bouddiste marquée ïl à Yangon.

Writer on the arts of composition; Europäisches Filmfest is returning to Myanmar...TRAVEL: "Venice of Mingled Enchantments "...SPORT...EVENTS FLASH: full lunar concert arts exhibit; caravic games...YOUR STARS...FLIGHT SHEDULE........ Reference: LOCAL NEWS: FM; bill that allows non-violent protests goes into interviews with BBC's parliamentary spokesman; government will work with the NLD, says Secretary; green activity scheduled for the shore; Secretary of State, US diplomats conduct uncommon discussions in Washington anti-gaming movement adopted in top league; NDF anticipates tougher results in by-elections, says co-founder; Hlutetaw demands impetus for bailout; lane fight in tribunal; Thailand PM Yingluck will have the first-ever

Account; Outline of a river incident pulls 5000; Bibliothek opened in Thingangyun TV; No need to finance monastery schools: government school dependent on donor; immigrants tell of slave on Thai fishermen' vessels; minister rejects nuclear weapons rumors;'strike is not the issue'; NUP commemorates twenty-third birthday, appeals to the unit; boost your web site communication with Attracta.

com: businesss & property: Offical FX switches open for businesses; taxation legislation changed; fishing rates too low, say growers; Myanmar-Malaysia expand first phase in promotion of trade: message; blacks grams rates decline after short spike: trader; property deceleration cleaves agents view; developers struggle with car park problem....timeout: Astonishing discoveries in the Kyaukse area; S Corean celebreties to participate in the film festival; U Thein Tan is planning comeback shows; search for truths through score; authors going on Chindwin trip....TRAVEL...SPORT...EVENTS FLASH: full-meon concerto; Kabyar Bwe Hmu show.....

Youre Stars...Flight Schedules...Yangon Resttaurant Review[Still One Reviev After Several Week]...2010 Elections Archive[from January to the end of October 2010... "This page contains every 2010 poll report in the Myanmar Times. Reference: LOCAL NEWS: Ayeyarwady spending can cause unification, says Suu Kyi; After rage over remarks, Secretary promises to reassess scheme; ecologists are ramping up struggle to stop Hydropower scheme; governments secretary Myitsone damn spending; thousand fleeing houses in Taungoo; environment protection law'within easy reach of the poor': Secretary; Damned if you do:

Young people rush to scrape together the Yamayana show in December; Hluttaw representatives discuss culture conservation, large-scale policing; travel leaders preparing for ASEAN contest; Metta trust unveiling new leaders; Myanmar becomes full member of Myanmar International Association for Peace; US backdoor upgrade; Awash in a ocean of analogy; importance of consensual decisions; memory of Thakin Ohn Myint; Hluttaw representatives catching supposed fueIngu ers; westerner should

IntercG; MAI sign memorandum of understanding to train aeronautical engineers; Kachin musician drafts cover for freedom; No changes to Indonesian visas policy: Message; Abstention to help finance K150 million schools in Sagaing region; ban on newsman pages suspended; Thailand gains U-19 soccer game. Time out comedians are planning come-back investigation of mankind's costs of catastrophe; exhibit, books highlights beautiness of threatened rivers; Cartoon St. exhibit is returning for Thadingyut; Myanmar artists visit doll festivals; Wathann Filmfest winner named...INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: MCPA organizes energy needs emphasizes energy efficiency meeting...EVENTS FLASH...YOUR STARS...FLIGHT SCHEDULES....YANGON RESTAURANT GUIDE

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