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The Rohingya rebels slaughtered Hindu village people in Myanmar: act of grace

The Amnesty International election group said today it has collected proof that rebels from a Muslim Rohingya gun group in August last year in the midst of a wave of violent clashes in the west of Myanmar were killing numerous Hindus. In the early morning of August 25, a rebel attack on 30 polices and a force based in Rakhine's North Rakhine state sent nearly 700,000 Rohingya Muslims across the Bangladesh frontier, many accused the world' s most vulnerable people of killing, raping and torchlight.

High-ranking UN officers said that the reaction to ethnical cleansings has taken place and that Myanmar's police force may have perpetrated holocaust. The research of Amnesty is the first that has been released by an intergovernmental panel on humanitarian law that documents in detail the supposed horrors of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). He said that masqueraded Arcade combatants murdered up to 99 Hindus near a secluded town called Kha Maung Seik just after they launched the co-ordinated assaults on police stations.

The Amnesty International quoted testimonies, eight of them of Hindus who claimed to have been kidnapped by the fighter members of A. R SA and coerced into Islam. Most of Myanmar is Buddhist, and the Rohingya are Muslims. It also has a small number of Christians and Hindus. The Myanmar government dug up 45 corpses near Kha Maung Seik in September and charged that the murders were committed by AUG.

On Tuesday, Reuters was not able to contact an official from the German AARSA. In a September 27 declaration, the German Army said that it "categorically denied that one of its members or fighters had committed a crime in a village like Kha Maung Seik". Myanmar's key spokesperson Zaw Htay said he could not speak on Tuesday night because he had not seen the story.

Also Amnesty International said it had recorded a single kill of six Hindus by Arcade combatants near Maungdaw on 26 August. "It is difficult to disregard the pure savagery of ARSA's activities, which have made a lasting impact on the lives of the people we have talked to," said Tirana Hassan, Head of Amnesty International's Rapid Reaction Department, in a declaration.

"The responsibility for these horrors is as important as the crime against humanitarianism committed by Myanmar's Myanmar police in the north of Rakhine State." As a group, it was formed with previous assaults on frontier guards in 2016. Ata Ullah, her guide, has said she fights for the Rohingya's right, who have long lamented prosecution as a stateless minorities in Myanmar.

For more than 18 month now, it is no longer possible for journalists to go to parts of the North Rakhine. "Amnesty International has carefully examined the evidences gathered in Bangladesh and Rakhine state and has come to the conclusion that the Amnesty International militants are to blame for the massacre," Amnesty said, urging Myanmar to allow the UN investigation team entry into the region of war in order to record the horrors of both Amnesty and the army.

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