Myanmar Customs

Burma Customs

byanmar Country Information Overview Print. Relocating to or from Myanmar? Mr Win Thant is Director of Customs for Myanmar and currently works in the MACCS Division. In Myanmar tradition, a person does not have a family name. Myanmar's customs and cuisine.

Burma Customs Regulations

In order to know what you can take to Myanmar and what you can take home with you, we strongly advise you to read this document to prevent mistakes during your trip. cited by Myanmar's immigration authorities and shows the statement of travelers' duties and privileges to Myanmar:

Foreigners may bring "reasonable quantities" of domestic goods and belongings into Myanmar duty-free under the following conditions: He receives a document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirming his foreign diplomacy or, in the case of a non-diplomat, a current entry and residence permits from the Ministry of Labour.

When the above mentioned criterions are fulfilled, only one ocean and one airfreight is allowed free of tariff. Consumables are taxable for all foreign nationals, with the sole exemption of diplomatic agents. Any goods brought in duty-free by a foreign national must be re-exported on his or her possible return from Myanmar.

Consignor must be in Myanmar at the moment of check-in. Removal firms are not authorised to act on behalf of a forwarding agent before this ministry. FORBIDDEN GOODS: Goods that may not be imported into Myanmar include: Do never blend housewares and belongings with industrial goods. There is only one person allowed to bring a car into Myanmar duty-free.

Customs duties for all other foreign nationals are set at approx. 300% of the value of the car as new. The majority of domestic animals, as well as canines, felines and poultry, can be taken to Myanmar without the need for quarantining. At the moment of importation the necessary documentation is a valid medical record (not older than 7 days) and a valid immunization record as well.

Jewelry, electronic goods and camera equipment must be registered with customs at the airports. Videocameras will be kept secure at the airports and handed back on depart. The Burmese authorities are restricting fundamental safety information for travellers to the Myanmar area. Myanmar resident (including non Myanmar citizens who enter with a residence permit for more than six months) and Myanmar citizens must exchange their currency within one calendar month of arriving at an authorised dealer/money-exchanger.

Articles for private use with a value of less than 500 US dollars are exempt from customs duty and tax. If the traveller has given a prior commitment in writing, the following goods are exempt from customs duty and tax for one year if they are carried by aliens working for government organisations and overseas mutual funds, and the goods are collected on leaving within one year.

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