Myanmar Curry

Curry from Myanmar

Many people in Myanmar like curry. The chicken curry is easy to cook, which is delicious and inexpensive. Myanmar curry products It is a basic food of Burma cooking and is usually served with curry, broth or lettuce. Usually a traditional Myanmar dish we met consisted of several small jars of different curry and a number of small meals, among them a bowl of broth, a dish of lightly cooked vegetable to be dipped in, a fish-based dressing for immersing the vegetable and ricefres.

Nan Mwe, the very charming proprietor, has learned us a great deal about Burma's way of living and especially about Burma's Cuisines. A of Burma's most favourite meals is curry, which we learned to prepare with Nan Mwe. Wipe the chick with this mash. 65 ml edible fat in a saucepan over moderate temperature and stir in theicken.

Boil the chickens on both sides over moderate temperature for about 10 mins. Take the hen out of the frying pans. Put the rest of the onion in the frying pans and fry over low temperature until light. Stir in 100 ml of chilled ice-cream and 1 tbsp of soy gravy and the peel of lemons and boil over moderate temperature for 3 mins.

Put the chickens in the pan and simmer over low flame for about 20 min. Cloak and boil over low flame for another 15 min (or at least until the hen is no longer pink). Take from the stove and garnish with some of the above dishes.

Yangon's best curry? The Myanmar Times

I find a reassuring, intimate feel in the 203 curry shops on37th. At a modest restuarant between two houses, a crew of families serves various Myanmar curry and salad traditions. Until I tried the curry, I stupidly didn't think much of the vegetables containing starch, but that attitude was philistine.

Here the curry of potatoes - a reference to the flavours of the sub-continent of India - is an independent meal with a slightly aromatic tang and covering in a thick, greasy stock. What really distinguishes 203 from the Yangon street curry store Litanies is the choice of meatsurrys.

Once you step into the small store, the curry screen on the right shows an array of steamed and well roasted meat, which includes potatoe and lamb curry, eggnog curry, fish curry, poultry curry and a selection of pig curry. Lately I've been attracted to pig curry with sautéed onion.

Although the servings are small - characteristic of most teas in Myanmar - braised pig meat with caramelized onion is a meal not to be overlooked. So if you are looking for a little convenience foods that will neither your purse nor your stomach breaks, then 203 curry store is the place to go.

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