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India has become susceptible to major catastrophes due to the growth of populations in dangerous environments, as well as due to the rise in the population. According to EM-DAT figures, India is confronted with the second most frequent number of flooding worldwide after China, according to EM-DATs.

Climate-Related Related Relasters in Asia and the Pacific, a survey shows a correlation between the increase in flooding and windstorms and more rainfall and drought associated with increasing greenhouse gas emissions and temperature. EM-DAT figures show that Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam are at extraordinary risks. Main results of the survey "Climate catastrophes in Asia and the Pacific":

Inhabitant densities are a major driver of both statistical and economical impacts of water-related catastrophes (floods, storms). The 1% rise in demographic densities is associated with a 1.2% to 1.8% rise in the incidence of severe water-related catastrophes. The fragility of the local populations and the deteriorating weather conditions associated with Asian and Pacific catastrophes extend beyond the region's commercial prosperity and influence its long-term importance for the international econo-mi.

Asia and the Pacific are growing in relation to the world' s overall populations and their economies are contributing to that. However, world production has shifted to some very vulnerable and poorly managed areas. The flooding in Thailand in 2011, for example, and its enormous effects on the provision of computer harddisks and car parts.

People who are less well off are more susceptible to severe catastrophes. Fewer impoverished countries - those with less than 30% of the total daily PPP below $1.25 - are less prone to severe catastrophes than those with a higher level of income loss.

Is the EM-DAT EM-DAT accident management system available? EM-DAT EM-DAT is a worldwide databank on nature and technology catastrophes, containing key information on the incidence and impact of more than 17,000 catastrophes in the 1900s to the present day. EM-DAT has been run since 1988 by the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters at the School of Public Health at the Université Catholic de Louvain in Brussels, Belgium.

EM-DAT aims to support human actions at domestic and global level, streamline emergency risk management decision-making and establish an impartial foundation for risk evaluation and prioritisation.

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