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In August and September there were protests against the military junta that rules the southeast Asian country of Myanmar. Please click on the link below to find out about current events in your area. Maps of Myanmar, time zone names and time in the largest cities. Explore and register for all BritCham Myanmar events. Last year's events were also a disaster for Myanmar's civil society.

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Prodemocracy campaigners began protesting against the Myanmar army rulers or Myanmar regime on August 15 after the regime redoubled the cost of natural Gas. The many Buddhist friars in the land got engaged when the regime began to arrest the demonstrators and end the rallies by forcibly. In September, ten thousand priests took part in the protest.

He appealed to ordinary townspeople throughout the entire nation to join them in protesting peacefully against the fall of the war. Myanmar's administration has taken action to stop the demonstrations. Governments have reduced the number of mobile and mobile communications to keep their activities hidden from the outside community. Forces used violence to end the demonstrations. Goverment acknowledges that 10 persons perished, but some accounts say that up to 200 were uprooted.

Since then, the regime has detained tens of thousand of those who took part in the outcry. You are detained in prisons before being freed or sent to prisons. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been ruled by a political regime since 1962. Although the regime promised to establish a new constitutional system that would result in a democratic system, no timeframe was established.

Myanmar's report on its decision to establish a Constitutional Commission. The UN reaction to the Myanmar conflict and the contradictory coverage by the state press and Amnesty International. A good view of Myanmar (also known as Burma) from the BBC. Provides general information about the state, facts about the regime and its opponents.

Myanmar maps, which include a comprehensive location card, from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. How has the Myanmar region evolved from a small protest over natural Gas prices on 15 August to an unprecedented worldwide economic upheaval? Compare, contraste and compare the information published by the Myanmar administration with information collected from people and other newscasters.

Do you think the UN and other nations have done enough to help the Burmese population?

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