Myanmar Currency Symbol

Burma currency symbol

C ("Ks" in plural) Currency code: WorldCoin is not the currency in any country. Its currency code is INR and its currency symbol is Indian Rupee. The symbol of the Myanmar currency with a golden texture. Burmese Kyat (symbol: Ks), code MMK, is used in Myanmar.

Monetary Converter - Myanma Kyat (MMK) - Rupee of India (INR) | Currency Conversion

This currency converter will translate the INR (Indian Rupee) to Myanmaryat ("Burmese Kyat", MMK). India's currency is the INR (Indian Rupee). Currency is INR and the currency symbol is . It is divided into 100 pairs (singular: p; symbol: paisa). Commonly used tokens are 1 tokens, 2 tokens, 5 tokens, 10 tokens, 50 pae.

Commonly used Hindi frizzy notes are available in 5 frizzy, 10 frizzy, 20 frizzy, 50 frizzy, 100 frizzy, 500 frizzy, 1000 frizzy units. Myanmar The Myanmar currency (Burmese Kyat) (MMK) is the currency of Myanmar (Burma). Its currency is MMK and its currency symbol is K (singular or plural) or Ks (plural).

Myanmar Katat (Burmese Kyat) is divided into 100 kyas (singular: pya). Commonly used Myanmar Cyat (Burmese Kyat) medals are in denominations K1, K5, K10, K50, K100, 1ppa, 5ppa, 10ppa, 25ppa, 50ppa. Commonly used Myanmar Kat (Burmese Kyat) notes are denominated in K1, K5, K10, K20, K50, K100, K200, K500, K1000, K5000, K10000, 50pyaz.

Filipino Peso Myanmar Kyat Exchange Rate ?? = Ks26.4? PHP/MMK

?? ll? 1 = Ks 26.4189?, The convertor shows the transformation of 1 Filipino peso into Myanmar Kyoto from Wednesday, July 4, 2018. If you want to undo the Myanmar to Filipino pesos transformation, click on the following hyperlink. To return to the start page of the currency calculator.

Filipino pesos are the currency of the Philippines. Myanmar The Myanmar district is the currency of Myanmar (Burma). The Filipino fenugreek was launched on July 4, 1946 (72 years ago) and Myanmaryat has been in use since June 18, 1989 (29 years ago). We have 8 tokens for the Filipino pesos ( ?.01, ?.02, ?.05, ?.10, ?.

The Myanmar Kyaat has 5 tokens ( Ks1, Qs5, Ks10, Ks50 and Ks100), the Filipino Peso has 8 notes ( , , , , , , , , , and ), there are 12 notes for the Myanmar Kyaat (Ks0).

Cs1, Cs5, Cs10, Cs20, Cs50, Cs100, Cs200, Cs500, Cs1000, Cs5000 and Cs10000 ). Are you sure it's the right moment to switch your currency? Myanmar Kyats' best days to switch Filipino Peso were Tuesday, December 26, 2017. The currency had attained its highest value at that point.

Myanmar's hardest time changing the Filipino peso was Tuesday, February 20, 2018.

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