Myanmar Currency in Indian Rupees

Burma Currency in Indian Rupees

Live convert Indian rupees to Myanma Kyats (INR/MMK) exchange rates. Indian Rupee to Myanma Kyat Historical Exchange Rates. Burmese Kyat at the Indian rupee rate: historical currency conversion tables and tables for the week, month and quarter. Convert from Indian Rupee (INR) to Myanma kyat (MMK): from INR to MMK and vice versa. Indian gold price in Myanmar today.

Indische Rupie to US Dollar Exchange Rate | Todays INR - USD Conversion | Indian Rupee

Rupee - US Dollar ( INR - USD) Currency Converter. Today (Saturday, 07 July 2018) Indian rupee at US dollar parity. Below is the Indian Rupee Currency Replacement Chart. Easy and user-friendly Indian Rupee currency converter and Forex conversion with other currency. In the following chart, the INR's current currency parities with the world's most important ones are shown.

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Quick facts about Myanmar - Myanmar Information

As Myanmar is now opening up, it is visiting the city and the best way to do this is to be informed and ready in advance. ClimateMyanmar has three seasons: the wet or wet months from May to October, the cold months from November to February and the warm months from March to May.

CurrencyKyat (Kt) = 100 pya. The banknotes are available in the following denominations: ExchangeOn arriving at Yangon International airport, individuals must convert at least US$200 into 200 FECs (Foreign Exchanges Certificates). Group travel packages are not conditional, but FECs in US dollars or pounds Sterling can be purchased on request.

The FEC is Myanmar's second form of statutory payment and is specifically designed by the Bank of Myanmar for travel. Payment for the FEC is only acceptable in US dollars or pounds sterling, currency or traveller's checks. One US Dollars corresponds to one FEC (the Pound Sterling equivalence varies according to the Pound-Dollar variance).

SECs can be issued anywhere in the county or redeemed in Myanmar at authorized Myanmar banking, exchange bureaus, travel agencies and hotel agents. You can also make a payment in US dollar, but only in companies (e.g. hotel, train station and airline companies) that have an authorized dollar acceptance licence.

FEC (and the ability to repay in US dollars at many institutions) largely makes the conversion of local currency into Kyat superfluous. Visa, Diners Club, American Express are accepted by credit card airlines, large hotel chains and super markets. Travelers ChequesTo prevent extra currency fees, travelers should only take travellers' checks in US dollars or pounds sterling.

PhotographingPhotography in an airport, train station or near a nearby army facility is prohibited.

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