Myanmar Culture Food

Burma Culture Food

The Burmese food is delicious, a cuisine that highlights local delicacies as well as Indian and Chinese influences. Buthi Kyaw (pumpkin noodle soup) Thoke (salad) Mandalay Mee Shay (rice noodles with pork) Shan Tohu (Shan Style Tofu) Myanmar lies between two great and very different cultures that have influenced not only religion, culture and art, but also cooking. Burmese food, food and drink.

Twenty scratchtious burgers:

Like Bangkok food on the streets, Yangon is another example of an Asiatic town where food is a top preoccupation and food on the streets is out of town!

It is a kind of Myanmar India snack, grown directly from a casserole.

As I was eating locally, I asked for the chimichanga versions of this savoury, high-protein breakfast bite. Vegetable with fermentation fishy gravy (left) and chilli flakes (right).

It seems that Burma is one of the few places in the wide open that drank and ate tealeaves.

In addition to a Thali, it is possible to order a number of side dishes and cereals.

I' m not even close to a food specialist in Burma, but I can say for sure that I really enjoy everything I have eaten in Yangon! Did you taste the food of Burma? Are there any Myanmar gourmets out there?

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