Myanmar Culture facts

Burma Culture facts

The superstitions of different cultures are interesting to a certain extent. Myanmar's historical and cultural facts. Let's add it to your Myanmar travel guide. Burmese literature also tends to reflect local folklore and culture. YYORK that she met her husband Dr.

Michael Aris, a scholar of Tibetan culture.

Ten interesting facts you may not know about Myanmar

Burma (formerly known as Burma) is still a little bit of a mystery after centuries under the former regime, but it has opened up and has become more open to people. Burma was a place I wanted to go to for at least 15 years, but only recently the star alignment and I could walk.

These funny and peculiar facts about Myanmar I would like to tell you today. Thanaka ( "pronounced Ta-nä-ka") was one of the first things I had learned of when I arrived in Myanmar. You said it was a pale golden colored pasty that humans, namely females, put on theirskins.

Arriving that evening and delivering directly to my youth Hostel, I had never met anyone in Thanaka. Virtually every girl had a face with Thanaka! It is a beautiful cosmetics and sun cream made of polished rind that is worn by the ladies on stressed skins. It is a very characteristic of Burma civilization and just one of the things you can't miss.

One of the second things I learnt in Myanmar was one of the most terrible things I have ever seen in a cultivation - eating leaves of beer. Unfortunately, the number of times I met those beadle blade sharpeners in Myanmar was something I could not miss as much as I tried.

At one point at an over night stop where I was hacked and spat by folks who needed a beadle leaves rest, and I almost dropped them! What is a nasty custom in your own state can be very widespread and acceptable in another state, so remember, if you ever do!

They were still whirring about the results that gave them hopes for a more bright futures. Not often it came on its own, but when asked, folks were glad to discuss it. This seemed to be the only sentence in England that most of us knew, so I wanted to promote it through a fair response.

I was asked only after the tenth one or so, before I started to think it was just a trick to buy something. Unfortunately, it made me a little less cheerful and put me on my toes in order to prevent anyone from asking this one. It was only recently that new technologies were launched in this land after the long period of atrocity.

The things have changed only slowly and ancient remains from this period are still in use today. There is no shortage of automobiles in Myanmar (especially if you are bogged down in the big cities), but you can still find natives driving in horse-drawn coaches and being dragged by them.

It is still a very efficient means of transport for humans while it is mainly used for tourism. The most entertaining thing I learnt was how the local residents were calling to the dinner tables via restaurantservers. It' s difficult to accept when your own civilization finds it impolite, but I finally tried and had great results!

We should put this in our own cultures. Men and females alike are wearing them all the while. Girls put theirs to bed. I' ve been all over Southeast Asia, but the only sight I've seen a monchess was in Myanmar. Perhaps I've seen them before without realising it though...if both genders are wearing the same clothing, have balding faces and are young and skinny, it could be tough to tell.

In Myanmar, however, the difference becomes clear because monkesses are wearing rose while the male is wearing it. This may be the most amazing point for those of you who haven't been to Myanmar yet, but it's a great place to be! Most of my trips to Myanmar were simpler and more enjoyable than in some other places in the area, and that took me by surprise more than anything else.

My only big travelling problem was getting from point A to point A to point C in Yangon in time. You' ll be way ahead of where I was when I got there, with a few funny facts about Myanmar. It will make your stay easier and open you to new experience that only comes from immersion in another world.

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