Myanmar Culture Essay

Burma Culture Essay

I want to give messages about Myanmar and its culture. Myanmar is also known as the land of the pagodas. Well-known festival in Myanmar Essay. The Thingyan Festival - Water Festival - Myanmar New Year - in April. Some Burma/Myanmar photo essays that might be of interest to you:

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Irrespective of how a young pair is put together, in Myanmar marital relationships are more socially than religion. Myanmar's tradition is to marry before the honourable judges by formally subscribing before the celebration. Nowadays, especially among city dwellers, it is common for a kind of general welcome to take place in the company of family and elder.

Aubur Tsar, the Ceremonial Magician will read the Aubur Tsar, praise and supervise the execution of the wedding rituals, such as attaching a four-foot long necklace around the neck of the pair, folding together the palm of the hand, dipping the common hand into a silvery cup of fragrant waters and soon afterwards. To conclude the celebration, our celebration participants will be treated to musical entertainment and a refreshing drink.

At the end of the celebrations, the young pair pays tribute to their parent and eldest (Kadaw). That''s the tradition of asking the newlyweds for cash. Since Myanmar's most people are Buddhist, noviciation is crucial. Myanmar culture, women are praying for children to fulfill this sacred obligation of the noviciation for their children.

The young join the Buddha order during the school vacations and become a "son of the Buddha" for a whole weeks or more. The cost of the wedding will depend on the parental state. The Myanmar cultural bands can entertain you; there can be a prospective noviciate parade through the city on elephants or a home for the modestcrafts.

This novice is wearing a golden string and glittering sequin wreath coronet, gowns in royal silver vestments, a golden headpiece and is accompanied by his Mum and Dad, members of his families and native girls with amber vestments, sacrifices, decorated bead boxes and musical groups and dancing. The Myanmar marionettes are made of clay and timber.

Marionettes are handled by cords on the elbow, hand and knee. The Myanmar marionettes are a well-known part of Myanmar's culture. "Parabaik contain Jatakas (Buddha biographies) or chronics, more rarely Buddhist writings. The language of Myanmar, which means welcome and welcome to the home, is beer, tobaccos and marmalade.

The insignia of the Myanmar kings included beer crates, dishes and plates of all forms and sorts. The box can be lacquered, decorated in either sterling or simple gold, according to the richness of the holder, and are part of the interior in the cutter.

At first sight, the round crate looks sturdy, but in fact it is equipped with a cover over a small receptacle to contain the Betelnut. There are four small bowls in the top shelf to contain carnations, chives and seed, chopped liquorice or cucumbers.

The second shell contains a coat of dry leafs. It is only when the tablet is removed from the mother shell that lush vegetation becomes visible. About fifty or sixty years ago, beer-table loudspeakers also play an important role in advertising. At that time the homes had a kind of loggia for married members of the families to keep their admirers entertained with a crate of betels.

It showed its fondness for a certain young man by giving him a pound of beer from its own hand. Since the Myanmar kings' age, the tradition of ministering to visitors with a crate of betels has been a sacred tradition in some parts of the world.

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