Myanmar Culture Dress

Burmese Culture Dress

Attire in Myanmar varies according to ethnicity, geography, climate and cultural traditions of people in each region of Myanmar (Burma). to Aung Htay Hla / The Myanmar Times. This article will help you understand better before you start your Myanmar tours. Longyi is the most common type of traditional clothing worn regularly. The Pala culture has strongly influenced the art and architecture of Pagan.

Colourful Traditional Myanmar Dress, Part 2

In Myanmar it is very important to dress in tradition and as there are many different ethnical groups, clothing can differ from area to area. There are four of these regions: Kayah State, Shan State, Mon State and Rakhine State. You have your own special dress for men and woman and it is an enormous fountain of proud ness for the natives who still wears it every day.

The Bamar style of dress is described as similar to the Bamar style as you can see above. Wearing longer, the design is more subtle compared to its neighbours. As a rule, the longgyi for men and females is always white and for official events, females are wearing scarlet skirts coupled with brighter shirts.

Females usually dress their heads in a plain roll, while men choose a hairstyle worn on a beard. Kayah's indigenous people are called "Karenni". The Kayah are quite famous for their practise of piling metallic bands on young chicks to reach an extended throat that they consider nice.

The Kayah clothes are quite colourful and are mainly coloured redd. Clothes are knitted from wovens and made into men's and women's underwear. The Shan State lies north of Kayah State. Here men are wearing pants named "koon", which are bundled and bound at the waist, whereas the ladies were Sarong's named "phasin", with elaborate embroidery patterns.

They are also known for their large tapered caps known as " cup ", which protect them from the intense sunlight. Finally, Rhakine State, also known as Arakan, is very taken with the colours golden and yellows for her dress. It is also similar to the Bamar look as you can see above, but the ladies like to combine their Longyi and Top with a transparent fabric that is placed over their back.

Guys also carry a turtleneck, which is usually a wrap-around wrap around the skull. Woman are styling their hairdos in a roll on their forehead adorned with brightly coloured floral decorations. These types of clothing are usually reserved for worship and culture festivals.

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