Myanmar Country Profile 2015

Burma Country Profile 2015

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Elections in Myanmar cause insecurity for companies

Myanmar - also known as Burma - is going to the election in just a few short get-togethers, which are known as the most historical election of a population. In recent years, after almost half a cent of economic exclusion, the country's economies have opened up gradually - the authorities have loosened the regulations on commerce and investments and facilitated operations in some industries.

Stroll the city of Yangon, Myanmar's trading capitol, and it's simple to see the countryside in the middle of a major upheaval. The natives tell me that just a few years ago, when Myanmar was cut off from the outside world, there were hardly any roads.

I can sense the distinction when I go down the streets," said Sandeep Kohli, Unilever's CEO in Myanmar, when he showed me one of the small shops that sell the company's product. However, although there are many opportunities - Myanmar will be the most rapidly expanding country in the area this year - investment in the land is not for the nervous.

We at Unilever know this only too well. At the end of the 1990s, it was one of the businesses that came into the state during a brief opening in Myanmar's past - but when the state was closed down by the army rulers, Unilever was expelled. This insecurity is still clouding the mind of many who want to make investments in Myanmar.

It is the most challenging state in the worid to establish a company, according to the bank. And, although Myanmar has attracted several hundred businesses from abroad since the first opening, some penalties still apply - and it can be hard to find a domestic affiliate because there are a number of people who are still on the US black list.

Not just' Eric Rose, an US attorney, faced the challenge of doing businesses here. This year he almost retired from Myanmar because of the problems in the state. "It is not an effortless suggestion to come to Myanmar today," he said to me. However, the possibilities here still attract inward investment.

It' only opened two wards ago, but the place is already crammed with Myanmar's up-and-coming mediarth.

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