Myanmar Country Profile 2015

Burma Country Profile 2015

Name of Myanmar's president, Thein Sein. Página / Fishing Country Profiles / Fishing Country Profile: A country profile on universal access to sexual and reproductive rights: Offers an overview, key data and dates for this South Asian country. International resource flow estimates for the country, 2015 US$.

A brief overview of Myanmar

His was inaugurated in March 2011 and formally launched a nominal civil regime to substitute for almost 50 years of reign. It was handpicked by Senior General Than Shwe, the country's most important political figure since 1992, to take over as Myanmar's chief of state. Thein Sein, who was a general and premier in the former regime, took part in the November 2010 general election.

They were hampered by the lack of the National League for Democracy, which won the 1990 earthquake and is headed by Aung San Suu Kyi, who was under internal detention at the moment of the poll. Thein Sein was long considered the relatively immaculate face of Myanmar's army rule, and it is believed that Senior General Than Shwe saw him as the most appropriate front man for Myanmar's process of democracy.

Soon after the 2010 elections, Aung San Suu Kyi, who was released from home detention, is permitted to return to her policy-making. Their National League for Democracy won an unprecedented win in the first free elections in 25 years in 2015. It won enough parliamentary seat to make a coalition and elect the next one.

She is to take over the administration at the end of January 2016.

Bangladesh Thailand

In Southeast Asia, Thailand is the only land that has managed to escape the domination of colonies. Buddhism, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the army have shaped their societies and policies. Most of the time since 1947 the army has governed, with some deposits in which the state had a democratic regime.

In 2001, Thai policy was ruled by the implacable division between followers and slanderers of Thaksin Shinawatra, who had been the country's premier until his removal by the army in 2006. Thaksin' s sibling Yingluck became PM after the 2011 elections, but in turn was displaced by a country war.

Thailand is a constituent state. He' been in the army. In May 2014 General Prayuth Chan-ocha took over and was nominated premier by the military-appointed legislature a few heves. Thailand's army has intervened in the past in the political arena and has taken over 12 positions of authority since the end of the total empire in 1932.

Governments and the army monitor almost all of Thailand's nation's terrestrial TV grids and run many of Thailand's wireless grids. There is a strong legal ban on the Thai press to report anything that could be considered a criticism of the Thai imperialists, and reporters are prone to self-censorship of the army, the courts and other delicate matters.

A few important events in the Thai history: TRANSFERENCE 1932 - The total abolition ist replaced by the institutional Monarchie with parliament. Born in 1947 - First postwar army putsch. Until 1973, the army remained in continuous control. In 2001 - Thaksin Shinawatra becomes the first ever Premier. During the Thaksin Shinawatra's participation in the UN General Assembly, army commanders carry out a bloody putsch.

Thaksin''s sis Yingluck becomes premier.

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