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When you travel to Myanmar, you will naturally come into contact with Buddhism. myanmar country information overview Print. Our country's official name is the Republic of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Ressources for the research of country conditions. CIA World Factbook country information.

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Burma/Myanmar | National Democratic Institute

Legislative Elections 2015 - the first general government in 25 years - resulted in an overt win by the NLD and introduced new votes to the government, the state and local governments and the people. The Institute also supports PACE and other civil society groups in developing proposals to enhance the electoral process in the years to come.

The Union of Myanmar | EOIR

Will people who are of interest to the public authority have difficulty receiving the necessary documentation for departure? Will the returners to Myanmar be deprived of their passes on their way back so that they cannot walk again? We would like to ask you to briefly inform us about bribery/corruption, especially in connection with phase-out proceedings. Please give general information about the state of the Burmese people.

Is Kachin generally mistreated by the army, and if so, would this affect the Yangon- based midtligion? Enter your information about the Kachin National Organization and its directors. Is it possible to find a copy of the Criminal Code of Myanmar on-line? Where is the Union of Myanmar Citizens Registered under Act 6(2) and 6(3) 1949?

Do you have information on how the foreigner enrolment cards would be converted into national one? For more information about the National League for Democracy (NLD), please read about its organisation and goals. We would like to be informed about the NLD's present position, especially in view of the forthcoming election.

Below is some information about the National League for Democracy (NLD). Any information on arrests/interrogations of members of the National League of Democratic Socialists that were not known in 2002 (or something like that)? Any information on anyone dismissed for their participation in the National Liberation Front? We would like to hear about the abduction by the Armed Forces of human beings who then compel them to work as slaves, especially Christians or of India and Anglo-Burmese ancestry.

Will those returning to Burma from the West be target?

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