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Burma facts

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia. Its official name is the Republic of Myanmar. Interesting facts about Myanmar. Burma is a country rich in jade and precious stones, oil, natural gas and other natural resources. Fundamental information and indicators about Burma / Myanmar.

Burma interesting facts

Myanmar was a big suprise for us! Well, we didn't think this land was so pretty. The other ASEAN nations such as Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam are losing their tail. They are cultivating their own tradition and are not allowing'Western' cultures to take the place of their own. There' s nothing better for travellers than to discover the locals' folk music.

About Myanmar, this article is interesting facts. We' re here to share with you fun, useful and sometimes strange information about Burma. but we sincerely thought the only man-skirt nation in the world was Scotland. In Myanmar, we were really amazed to see men in robes.

Turns out longgyi is a typical Myanmar look. This can be carried by men and woman. Females love more colorful longgyis in flower designs. Men and woman wear skirts differently. Males bind a cloth to a node and females select the sleek layout of the cloth.

It' really puzzling. Shall we say Myanmar or Burma? When you write about this land, you should use more formal names - Myanmar. However, if you address or mention this land unofficially, then you should use the name Burma. Pretty puzzling, isn't it? What's interesting about Myanmar is that men and woman wear makeup there.

Myanmar makeup is only made by Theanaka. This is a yellowish-white pasty made of crushed rind (the timber, root or rind of the thiraka are milled with water). We also saw full-body men with Theanaka. You' re more handsome in Myanmar if you have make-up like that.

For over 20 hundred years Thanaka has been used by Myanmar woman! It can be frightening at first for travellers who are in Myanmar for the first while. It' used by many Myanmar chewers to give them power. Myanmar can be very confused by this! It seemed that when we got to Myanmar, everything about transport was okay.

Burma's vehicles have right-hand driving (as in the UK or any other left-hand driving country). Myanmar's traffic's to the right! For example, the Myanmar has a car suited for driving on the right. Until 1948 Myanmar was a UK settlement.

So, the road was to the south. During 1970, they modified the flow of people on the right for an indefinite cause. However, the vehicles stayed the same, suited for left-hand driving. It' all really baffling! Burma is one of the few counties in the word with a half an hours timezone. Burma is 6:30 AM GMT, which is 30 min different from a neighboring Thailand.

Long-necked females are known all over the globe. However, few know that they originate from Myanmar. There was not enough round-trip travel to the Padaung tribe in Burma. We did meet Kayan men in Thailand. Myanmar is one of three country in the whole country (the other two are Liberia and the USA) that has not adopted the metrical instrument.

Myanmar's capitol was Yangon for many years. Just like the land itself, this town has two names: Have you heard these facts about Myanmar? Any other interesting information about this land?

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