Myanmar Country Details

Burma Country Details

Rohingya speak Rohingya or Ruaingga, a dialect that differs from others throughout Myanmar. ( also known as Burma) opens further outwards, more and more travellers venture into this fascinating country. Myanmar: Country Report. Moslem Rohingya to flee their homes in the predominantly Buddhist country. The United Nations of ethnic cleansing in the northern Rakhine state of the country.

Project overview

The DRI has been operating in Myanmar since 2013. Working with various interest groups, the DRI concentrates on core questions of the election frame and constitutions that support the reform of democracy and are essential for a lasting transformation. The DRI offers on-demand expert opinion and comparable know-how on democratization and constitution change and offers important players in civilian societies information opportunities for democracy reforms and the enhancement of citizens' involvement in the wider transformation underway.

The work of the DRI is helping to reinforce the capacities of and enable the capacities of domestic organizations of civic societies to act as powerful proponents of change. DRI brings together civic groups and important decision-makers to contribute to an open, cooperative discussion on constitution and election procedures and make it easier to resolve conflicts. In order to ease an efficient move to deepening Myanmar's democracies, DRI works in a syndicate of multinational and grassroots organizations that are supporting election-related and wider democratization efforts.

The European Union-funded Consorzio Steps takes a broad view of Myanmar's process of democratisation and works with various interest groups, such as the Union's Electoral Commission, MEPs, politicians and NGOs. Prior to and during the 2015 parliamentary elections in Myanmar, DRI and the Myanmar Institute for Democracy successfully established a press observatory and produced periodic reporting on MEPs.

Simultaneously, DRI worked with other CSOs throughout the legislative term to enhance and tighten their monitoring and coverage policies. In addition to the 2015 parliamentary elections, DRI's involvement in the Steps Group will focus on assisting candidate countries in elections and using comparable analyses to stimulate fact-based stakeholders' debate on the opportunities for elections reforms.

DRI responded to the urgent need for civic involvement in Myanmar's elections between May 2014 and February 2016 with the European Union's assistance. Its aim was to assist civic organizations in core areas such as elections monitoring and policy reforms and to enhance their ability to interact with decision-makers.

DRI has supported major election monitoring and election reforms stakeholders throughout the entire process and has worked with more than 90 grassroots CSOs. DRI's assistance ranges from training on basic topics, such as non-partisanship in election monitoring, to more sophisticated information and lobbying activities for the involvement of decision-makers.

As well as providing training to strengthen the CSO partner's technological capabilities, the workshop involved a series of meetings on organizational change in areas such as finance and program governance.

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