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Burma Country Details

Rohingya speak Rohingya or Ruaingga, a dialect that differs from others throughout Myanmar. ( also known as Burma) opens further outwards, more and more travellers venture into this fascinating country. Myanmar: Country Report. Moslem Rohingya to flee their homes in the predominantly Buddhist country. The authorities further restricted humanitarian access throughout the country.

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Myanmar Metropolitan Police, founded in 1995, is part of the Ministry of the Interior. The troops are based in the capitol Nay Pyi Taw with a population of 75,000 men and woman. Burma is subdivided into seven states and seven territories, each with its own municipal cop. Every national and departmental policing consists of four components:

Bureau of the Commander of the State and Divisional Polices; Bureau of the Commander of the District Polices; Bureau of the Commander of the Municipal Polices; Policing Stations. Myanmar PD Specialized Forces:: Department against traffic in persons; aviation policing; urban development department; criminal investigation department; drugs department; financial intelligence service; forest security policing; highway policing; maritime policing; oilfield security policing; railway policing; special intelligence services (special department); tourism policing; traffic policing; drugs traffic; trade in persons; cash laundering; terror.

Cruel new details about ethnic cleansing in Myanmar Nobody talks about it

It is a U.N. account that UN agents themselves describe as repulsive and intolerable. Myanmar's police force murdered, violated and tortures several hundred Rohingya Muslims in a tidal wave of unparalleled force, according to a new UN Friday statement. Over the past few month, Myanmar's military personnel have intensified their effort to free the tribal group from the country's frontiers - in a nationwide territorial evacuation operation drive - to historical heights, both in scope and atrocity.

"The" evacuation operations" have probably claimed the lives of several hundred victims and caused an estimated 66,000 refugees to flee to Bangladesh and 22,000 of them to be driven internally," according to the new UN document. It was written by a UN research unit after interviews with Rohingya who had been driven to neighbouring Bangladesh by Myanmar's Myanmar police.

Myanmar's junior and six-year-old kids were killed with a knife by Myanmar's police. In spite of its cruelty, the Rohingya warfare is widespread in Myanmar. They claim to be struggling against a Rohingya insurrection that is restoring the civilian population.

Aung San Suu Kyi, one of Myanmar's most eminent politicians, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, is increasingly exposed to global critique because she is silent about the distress of Myanmar's Muslim people - although it is not clear how much influence she has on the war. It rejected UN inquiries to obtain full entry to the state of Rakhine, where most of the acts of terrorism are said to have taken place.

One of the best counselors in the state and a high-profile member of the Myanmar Islamic minorities, Ko Ni, was gunned down on Sunday after talking about horrors against the Rohingya.

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