Myanmar Country Code Mobile

Burma Country Code Mobile

Call from the USA to Myanmar (Burma). Area codes for all destinations in Myanmar. Check all area codes in Myanmar. Bring great deals on business cards and phone cards to Myanmar. Find out how to call mobile and landline phones in Myanmar.

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Myanmar IDD / Myanmar exits code is 00

This is the code you need to access a country. Every country is allocated a clear country code. This is the code for a part of the country. A number of states are not large enough to justify their own area code, so they have the country code 1 and use the area code to specify the country.

These are some useful information about Malaysia. These are some useful information about Myanmar. SQ KM678,500 This page will help you call Malaysia from Myanmar with dialing prefixes. Preselections for Malaysia are also delivered. Countrycode 60 is for Malaysia. For calls from Myanmar, the IDD code 00 is used.

The IDD code is called an''exit code'' and the code 00 is Myanmar. Myanmar's initial code is 00 .

Myanmar Call Hints

When making a call to a large city, always enter the 1-2-digit area code. Keep in mind that you may need the help of an operator when you call from or to a smaller city. Mobile numbers in Myanmar always start with the area code 9, followed by the competitor number 9-xxx-xxx. To call Myanmar from abroad, select the country and area code followed by the area code and number of the user. For example, to call Pegu from London, call 00-95-52-xx-xx-xx-xxx.

Burma has reserved some toll-free numbers for rescue services: In order to make a call from Myanmar to another country, first dialling the area code 00. Then, select the country code for the country you are dialing, the area code and the number of the party. For example, to call a New York number from Yangon, call 00-1-212-xxx-xxxxxxxxxx. Central Telephon & Telegraph (CTT) in Yangon (Rangoon) on the intersection of Pansodan and Mahabandoola Street is the only place in the country where you can comfortably make and receive your call from.

It can be costly to make a call internationally, but calling with a calling card can help to cover the cost. To use your own mobile in Myanmar, you must obtain a permit or your telephone may be seized from custom before you arrive. Burma's army rulers are limiting and monitoring the use of the web in Burma. There are several open caf├ęs in city areas, but it is very costly to use.

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