Myanmar Country Code from Singapore

The Myanmar country code from Singapore

What is the best way to dial to Myanmar from Singapore? Choose your provider and country code from the list below: Bring great deals on business cards and phone cards to Singapore. Myanmar's country TLD (Top Level Domain) is . mm, for example www.your-domain.

Display international dialling codes for calls abroad.

Singapore Codes

When using one of our calling cards, please follow the steps below: Select the TOOL FREE number. 1+ area code + telephone number for local calling in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. It' for internationals: Icon 011 + Country code + Area code + Telephone number.

Phone extension | Maxis

With IDD 132 you can make longer global calling trips to landlines and mobiles around the world and thus reduce the cost of travel. FREE all your foreign telephone conversations after 20 min! Includes all Maxis post-paid cell phones with additional cable brackets. After 20 mins. all your foreign telephone conversations are FREE.

This is an example of Maxis IDD 132 tariffs: How do I use IDD 132? Simply select 132 00 to use the tariff. If I do not call 132, what happens if I call the number? Standard extension tariffs are used.

For the complete IDD 132 tariffs, see Maxis IDD. Simply call 132 before the number. Must I enable IDD 132 with Maxis before I can use the services? No, just call 132 before the number. This means that the target is not available for this servic.

Under Maxis IDD please make sure that the target you want to call is available. No, IDD 132 is only valid if you are calling abroad from Malaysia. For more information, please contact Maxis Roaming Services. Can IDD 132 be used for videocalls? No, Maxis IDD 132 is only suitable for speech calling.

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What can I do with this action? Just select 132 and the special offer tariff will be used. If I do not call 132, what happens if I call the number? The tariffs for telephone calls are valid. For the best tariffs, please select 132 . Whom is suitable for this action?

To use this offer do I have to register? To take full benefit of the offer, just select 132 and IDD 132 tariffs will be applied. Q: What happens if I call other country that are not mentioned? The tariffs for telephone calls are valid.

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