Myanmar Costume

Burma Costume

Myanmar's different ethnic groups all have different clothing and textile traditions. At that time, Myanmar's Indian culture was influential. Middle Eastern Female Costumes - Myanmar Female Costumes - Myanmar Male Costume Sets. The Myanmar costume vector art, clipart and stick vectors. Locate the perfect Myanmar costume stock video, b-roll and other HD recordings from iStock.

Burma costume, Myanmar culture

Because they differ from other places where their folk dresses are only used on New Year' s Day or New Year' s Day because of the warm weather, the folk dresses of Myanmar, Paso for men and Longyi for girls are wore all-day. In principle, it is a plain scarf or stripy tissue for men and floral materials for them.

And, intriguingly, Paso or Longyi is used, if necessary, as a raincoat or packed in the shape of a fixed hat so that ladies can wear goods (fruit, paddy and food) on their heads without having to hold a hand. At Bago, Longyi is also used by the ladies as a hanging mat to take their kids to work.

The costume does not let the wearer go in one long step. The cost of the garment is very well suited for humans, less expensive than the clothing that has been exported from Thailand, China. One other important explanation for the presence of more than 85% of the Myanmar populace in everyday lives is according to Buddhist, whose lives connected with the Buddhist shrine, many of which include renowned shrines such as Shwedagon Pagoda or other sacred and sacred curios.

That is why Paso and Longyi make it easier for Myanmar Buddhists to sit in a meditative and discrete position.

Burma Costume | Myanmar travel guide

There are so many different ethnical groups that there are many different types of folk costume in Myanmar. More and more Myanmar holidaymakers seem to be purchasing and carrying some of the colorful dresses, and they are certainly great gifts and memorabilia. In addition to the lavish garments, there are also accessoires and jewelry, which make the costume a unique experience.

  • Traditional male tachin dogs are wearing turban or tased headgear or turban overalls. Cachinese ladies are wearing handwoven clothing, floral or chequered. Sterling medallions and rivets are stitched to the blouse. - Kayah men have blankets and tunics with coats and pants under their knee. Females are wearing their headgear in lumps and cuffs.

She is wearing blacks that cover a one-shouldered shirt. Generally, they are wearing scarlet coats over the shirt with blankets waistband. Your Longyi will be either scarlet or dark. - Kayin men are wearing headgear with pants, ties, shirts underneath. Longyi have rectilinear strips with a flat one in the center.

Woman wearing long Tunic, Longyi and headband. - Chin men are wearing pants and jackets and wrap themselves in colorful bedspread. Headgear has vertically striped top. Woman are wearing ankle-length Longyi with striped lines and often with diamond or floral motifs. Blouse knob in the middle, short-sleeved with check at the rim.

She also wears sterling silver and bronzed wire around her waist. - Monmal are wearing gingham plaid Longyi, sleeveless tops and coats. Woman wraps their combs around their hair wearing buttoned longyi and blouse. - Bamar men dressed in longyi's, frillless tunics and coats. It also carries turbanes.

Woman are wearing longyi and blouse, open at the front and buttons in the middle or on the side. They have top knotted ends and top scarves over their back. - Rakhine men and women's clothing is similar to that of the Bamar, with whom they are intimately related.

  • Short-sleeved man wears a shirt with a pair of classic jacket and pants. Typical dress for female Shans is longyi and blouse. Myanmar trip packages will probably allow visitors to see some of these beautiful outfits; why not buy them and take them home?

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