Myanmar Cost of Travel

Burma travel expenses

That depends, of course, on what type of traveller you are. I' ve just returned from a trip to Myanmar in June. All in all, the travel costs are not so high. Remember that inflation in Myanmar is very high and the price of gasoline is constantly rising. The Myanmar rough guide will help you prepare for your journey.

What does it pay to travel in Myanmar?

While we knew it had a rep that it was more expensive than its neighbors, we were very interested in tracking our expenses and seeing how our ultimate cost developed. We are probably a medium sized back packer, so we are careful to find good deals and not spend unnecessary amounts of cash, but we don't care to spend on a good one.

We prioritized inexpensive but tidy and centralized accommodations that took as many attractions as possible because we only had two week to see as much as possible, and we tend to stay on the middle class restaurant budgets and avert the roads. Here is what it took us to spend our 2 week trip to Myanmar - the rates are for two persons for lodging, transportation and eating & drinking, and individual for sight -seeing with a complete resume at the end:

Air travel to and from Myanmar can be costly if Air Asia and similar low-cost carriers offer coverage to so many of the neighbouring destinations at rock-bottom-price. From Bangkok we travelled to Yangon for 61.22 / $78 and from Mandalay to Chiang Mai for 127 / $159 per capita, but we have ruled this out of our totals as it is so different according to where and when you fly from.

Here is an overview of transportation, meals, accommodation in Mandalay for 2 week for 2 persons in January 2017. Each of us stayed 3 overnight in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake and took 3 overnight coaches! Overall: Distribution of costs by location: Spending 4 or 3 evenings in Yangon, we were full of activity, from museum and pagoda to the locals and daily excursions from the town to see the graveyard and the famed Inya Lake.

This was also the only place we slept without having it. In addition, our transportation cost was increased by the payment of 50000K / 36USD to rent a vehicle and a chauffeur for the whole rental period on our last days in town. After that we spend another 3 overnight stays in Bagan - that was much more tourist and therefore more costly than Yangon.

Once you have payed the archaeological entry fees, however, your inspection expenses are fairly high. Transportation includes 3 rental bikes and a cruise from Bagan to Mandalay. The Mandalay is a little weird - we stayed 2 overnight here before we took a midnight coach to Inle Lake, then we came back for a full evening and a full working afternoon before we took our connecting flights to Thailand.

I' ve got the cost of the full 3 days and everything we've done in our own day in town to be more precise. The transportation and catering were quite expensive, but because of the archaeological map of the area they were cheap. Ile Lake was our favorite place and where we spend most of our free day and did most of the work.

We' ve stayed here 3 night and 4 full day, like in Yangon, although we could have stayed longer! Yangon: Mandalay: Inle Lake: Do you think it's costly to go to Myanmar? There you have it - our list of how much it will cost to get to Myanmar. It' less than we thought it would be, and we have the feeling that we had good meals and were very occupied all the while.

The savings in overnight expenses through the use of overnight coaches has definitely saved us a lot of expense, and since the standard of hotels is not always good for what you pay, that's not a problem. It is definitely more costly than other Southeast Asian destinations, but we found it simple to fly and it is an absolute nice place with so much to see that it is more than rewarding to increase the budgets for a few week.

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