Myanmar Coordinates

Coordinates of Myanmar

Reference coordinate systems for "Myanmar (Burma)". Burma and its cities in Asia. LAT/LONG GPS coordinates for Myanmar along with the full address, photos, elevation and other useful information. This map shows the Burma coordinates on and over Burma. Burma's geographical coordinates, facts and statistics.

19.0735 Longitude

Myanmar (/?b?rm?/ BUR-m?), formally the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, generally abbreviated to Myanmar (/?mj??n?m?r/ MYAHN-mar,/?mjænm?r/ or /?ma?ænm?r/, Myanmar pronunciation: It is a supreme state in Southeast Asia, bordering Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. Myanmar has a total of 51 million inhabitants. Myanmar covers 676,578 sqkm.

Geographical coordinates of Myanmar - latitude and latitude

Burma lies at 21.9139652 degree of latitude and 95.9562225 degree of longitude. 139652 degree of latitude and 95.9562225 degree of longitude. Geographical coordinates make it possible to locate any place in the worid with its latitudes and longitudes. Partitude is the location in relation to the balance, which indicates the north-south location. Longethand is the east-west location determined by a fiducial seridian (usually the Greenwich prime meridian).

Myanmar's degree of longitude and degree of latitude was computed on the basis of the geodesic date of WGS 84. Geographical coordinates can be displayed in many different ways.

Burma and its towns in Asia

Burma is a large Asian nation with an area of 247,740.0 sqm ('676,578.0 km2). 60,280,000 locals are living there, the demographic densities are on avarage approx. 230 / m² mile ('89 / km2). Actual Myanmar time: Its geometrical centre is around 21.9140 degrees of Latitude, 95.9562 degrees of LAT.

Myanmar's capitol is Naypyidaw:

Burma coordinates frontier surveillance with India

June 21 - A group of rebels known as the NSCN (IM) started an assault on patrolling India's patrolling forces in a small town in Chandel, Manipur, India, and killed several members of the guard on June 4. On June 9, the area was secured by the India Armed Forces, which fought with NSCN (IM) rebels near the Myanmar-Boarder.

Burma and India are now working together on safety matters through periodic encounters between the two armed forces. Myanmar forces are constantly patrolling the frontier to make sure there is no hiding place for rebels.

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