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Boiling method: Woutyee shows how to boil easily, little by little. The Kachine Chicki Chicky is a renowned local Kachin Cure. Boil the hen with prawn leaf. Goes well with a tray of it. Myanmar Reisballs with the sauce of coconuts are a typical Myanmar dish from Myeik, the south of Myanmar.

It is similar to another Myanmar dish, Mote Lone Yay Paw, but is often accompanied by a sauté of pearls and coir-dressings. This is a great way to make and divide Mote Lone Yay Paw during the New Year in Myanmar as an alternative to a more common meal. It is a very unique Myanmar recipes, boiled with Pone-Yay-Gyi pasta, a typical Myanmar flavor.

However, you can get away with finished Pone-Yay-Gyi pastes from supermarkets in Myanmar and still achieve the same outcomes. Food from Shan State is very much loved in Myanmar. It is a favourite Shan-style recipe for making shan cakes by mixing freshly baked bread with potatoes and seafood.

Although in Myanmar it is known as" Sri Shan Rice", the recipe is slightly acidic, but it is usually slippery and cute! It is often used as a sandwich or savoury break. Myanmar Lentil Original does not contain carrots, potato and noodles. Lentilsoup is cute and delicious.

Most Myanmar-Currys go well with lens-soups. I like Shan Nahodle very much. The Shan is native to Shan State, the east of Myanmar. Cooking Shan noodles is easy, just cooked noodles, stir-fry chickens cured, cherry puree, peanut and scallions and eat!

Lone Yay Paw Mote is a traditionally delicious ball of red oranges. Its name says eating floating on the sea in the Myanmar tongue. Dinner is often eaten during the New Year in Myanmar, also known as Thingyanfest. In the course of the festivities, during which they also throw some of the young people who tease each other, put chili into small paddy sticks instead of chilies.

Lone Yay Paw mote is often accompanied by coconuts. Myanmar classics, poultry crème with potatoes, is a favourite starter from the home-cook. Marinate for a few hrs of chickens with gingerbread, marinated potatoes, marinated with marsal, and usually accompanied by ricef. The noodle with fish soup is known in Myanmar as Mote Hin Gar.

Hole means noodle. Hint means broth. One of Myanmar's most popular breakfast is in the form of Hint Gardmo. You can buy them every day in the teashops, in the shops and at the markets. Hint Cook is made with catfish. I' learned the secret of the Hoog Soup Mote from my aunt.

She' a good chef and I like her cooking.

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