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Consulate of Myanmar Thailand

See our tips on how to get your Myanmar visa in Bangkok. If you want to travel overland to Myanmar, you must apply for a visa before entering the country. It would be a relatively easy Thai VISA run, if it were not for the entry to Myanmar. Burmese liveaboards go to and from Thailand, usually Phuket, Khao Lak or Ranong. Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam and ASEAN, based in Bangkok.

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Myanmar or Burma, the Thai consulate is situated in the capitol Yangon. Talk to ambassador officials about visa for Thailand or about Myanmar-Thai business with them. Crossborder trading has increased in recent years and Myanmar will become the new point of expansion for Asia.

Contacts and maps of the Thai Ambassador in Burma are below. Visum times: Visa application / legalisation 09.00-11.30 Visa pick-up / legalisation 14.00-17.00 .

Razzia during Ranong Visas raids strand some in Myanmar

The Phuket Gazette reported today that Ranong authorities have today acknowledged that they are refusing foreign nationals trying to travel to Thailand on three successive passable missions. The message comes after claims that the Ranong migration authorities have allegedly halted the departure from Phuket via Ranong, a border that has been very much loved for centuries by foreign nationals running a visa.

"We started to enforce the rules on May 3[Saturday] after we received an order from Bangkok," said a Ranong Immigration official to the Gazette this mornings, on an anonymous basis. "We have already talked to some aliens and strongly urged them not to leave Thailand to get to Kauthaung[Myanmar], as there is no Thai diplomatic mission or a Thai comsulate there.

he official cautioned that all aliens who have chosen to disregard this council may be on the beach in Myanmar. Continuing, he said that the action against the "three-visa and exit rule" was intended to catch alien perpetrators in Thailand. "This is only the first stage in action against expatriates and visitors who keep revising their passports so that they can stay in Thailand for the false reasons," he said.

The Phuket Gazette reported that the Phuket travel agents were informed of the current state of affairs so that they can inform aliens before they book a visit to prevent Ranong check-point issues. Foreign nationals who have exceeded their residence permits are fined 500 Bahts per person per day up to a limit of 20,000 Bahts.

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