Myanmar Consulate San Francisco

Consulate of Myanmar San Francisco

The Burmese Embassy is often the legal body representing the Burmese government in San Francisco, USA. Visa / Visa Services Agency in San Francisco, California. Looking for a Visa Services Agency in San Francisco, California? Kalifornien together with the San Francisco Bay Area Burmese Community. Czech Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar.

Burma Business Visa Requirement (in addition to the above requirements)

To get a normal visa: Myanmar two Myanmar applications for visas and one Work Historical sheet. A copy of round-trip air travel passes, travel agent's letters of acknowledgement or confirming your booking. NOTICE: Do you want to verify that you have properly processed your Myanmar visas? Commercial lettering. Requesting company's commercial document in the USA declaring that it accepts the applicant's responsibilities in relation to the call.

This is a store buy. Myanmar office invites you to attend the event, which describes the type of trip. Candidate' s cover with a description of his or her career. The initial candidate must submit both an official notice of invitations from the Government of Myanmar (or a Myanmar-based company) and a sponsorship application from their respective companies.

Applicants for the first job can only submit one application. Applicants who wish to come for their first commercial trip but cannot present a Myanmar notice of hospitality may request a travel visas.

Myanmar San Francisco Consulate

Myanmar Consulate in San Francisco. Embassies and embassies in San Francisco support the interests of foreigners in the greater San Francisco area. Embassies in San Francisco can have an important part in supplying businesses with trade information about abroad and rules on imports and exports. In addition to commercial information, embassies and embassies can also supply information on passports and visas if you are a traveler or if you are travelling to a specific state.

This is where you will find information on contacts and addresses of the international consultants in San Francisco, USA. More than 65 overseas consular offices and standing diplomatic offices are in the San Francisco area. Smaller honourary consultations also exist with special tasks and restricted authority. Embassies in San Francisco are representative offices of their countries.

Embassies in San Francisco support the interests of foreigners in the greater San Francisco area.

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