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Fédérale finances Burma project, says Foreign Minister - France in the United Kingdom

I came to Asia and dedicated my stay mainly to Burma. The France and the France, whom you have long been supportive of, are glad that Burma has seen the return of democratic rule. Today you are at the helm of this administration and I have come to give you the backing of France and the population.

I have great faith in you and your administration. I have come to give you - beyond words and icons - the practical backing of France. In response to your government's requests, the French Agency for Economic Cooperation and Development will finance several Yangon municipal planning, as well as public works, in the fields of public works, education, energy and healthcare.

By 2018, our aid will very quickly rise to EUR 200 million. And we will react to the human plight by double our contribution in 2016 through French NGOs working on the spot, for example with peasants in the Danube and Chin states or with the Buddhist and Moslem people of Rakhine[state].

In addition to aid and human aid, we want to see increased trafficking between our people and our companies. Culture between France and Burma began 55 years ago and must be continued. It is our wish that the Yangon schools in France become a Lycee to make Burma more appealing to investors and expats of all nationalities.

This is important for all businesses in France. An increasing number of these businesses are establishing themselves here to help the country's economy develop in all areas, with particular emphasis on their corporate citizenship and ecological responsibilities - the public authorities in France ensure this. You are at the forefront of Burma at a historical juncture; France is at your side.

You can rely on our full trust in you, and you can rely on our cooperation and our close friendships. Q. - In which industries would you like to work with Burma? However, we also want to promote healthcare and, of course, municipal development schemes - residential, environmental, traffic, irrigation and wastewater - with a particular focus on the major towns and in particular the town of Yangon.

How does France see the military's involvement in Burma's democratisation processes? DER MINISTER - France respected Burma's authorities. Burma's military backed the election campaign and agreed to the results. We want to promote the conciliation proces. Burma's army's dialog with a nation like France, whose military is fully democratically based, can be useful.

However, we are very cautious about respecting the choices of the civil authority, because in a democratic society, as you know, it is the civil authority that runs all the bodies, even the armed forces. This is a ongoing and ongoing operation. Q. Is France prepared to play an active part in the Burma peacemaking proces?

MINISTER - We have regard for the roles and actions of the Burmese administration and Mrs Aung San Suu Kyi. We have too much regard for the trial that has been launched here to say what needs to be done or not. You know France's involvement, the assistance we are giving to the French administration and the ongoing transfer.

They have also initiated a reconciling exercise that is complex and takes a while. With great bravery and great honour we honour what you have begun. We are also conscious of the efforts you are making to establish the preconditions for more equity, more equity and also greater appreciation of the variety of your peoples and nationalities.

You have also stressed the importance you place on the global world by recognising - and France will have its part to play in this - the importance you have attached to observing all your life to them.

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